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The annual visit from Le Vaudreuil took place over the weekend of the 12th of May 2006; some 40 people travelled to Comberton, including several making the trip for the first time.

The highlight of the weekend was a Ceilidh at the Village College, which enabled both French and British of all ages to thoroughly enjoy themselves! On Sunday morning, a guided tour of Cambridge was arranged, and all benefited from the wealth of knowledge of the guides, including those of us who have lived in Cambridge for most of our lives,

The Annual meeting of the Association took place the week before the visit, at which Malcolm Wright stood down as Chairman (a post he has held since the formation of the association in 1999), and Peter Mitton has taken over this position. Malcolm ‘discovered’ le Vaudreuil seven years ago, and has conscientiously carried out his role as Chairman with great dedication and enthusiasm over these years. This was recognised by the French when they presented Malcolm with a ‘Certificate of Honour’ at the Saturday evening dance.

During the 2004 visit to Le Vaudreuil a number of events took place commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the signing of L'Entente Cordiale agreement and the 5th Anniversary of the twinning of Comberton and Le Vaudreuil

A path in Le Vaudreuil has been named after Comberton - 'Chemin de Comberton'. It is in an attractive part of the village along the bank of the river Eure which is a tributary of the Seine. It was officially opened on the Saturday of the visit by the Mayor of Le Vaudreuil Bernard Leroy,the Chairman of Comberton Parish Council Chris Westgarth,the Chairman of Comberton Twinning Association Malcolm Wright and the President of Le Vaudreuil twinning Association Gerard Lebegue

Twinning Path

Opening of 'Chemin de Comberton'
- from left to right:
Chairman of Comberton Twinning Association; Chairman of Comberton Parish Council;
Mayor of Le Vaudreuil;
President of Le Vaudreuil Twinning Association

Following the opening of the path a Davidia (or Handkerchief) tree was planted near the river similar to the tree planted on the HarbourAvenue Green in Comberton during the annual visit of the Le Vaudreuil Twinning Association in May this year

We then presented Le Vaudreuil with two mounted £5 coins minted to mark the 100th Anniversary of L'Entente Cordiale

In the evening a Cabaret was performed by members of the Comberton andLe Vaudreuil Twinning Associations with songs,sketches and dancing relating to the period around 1904. Comberton's opening number sung to the tune of 'Oh! We do like to be beside the seaside' was:

Oh! We do like to be here in Le Vaudreuil
We do like to visit Normandy
Oh we do like to walk Chemin de Comberton
We think Valderoliens are all tres bon.

Yes we do like to be here in Le Vaudreuil
We do like to visit once a year
With an eye on golf and wine
It was 'Wright' for us to sign
The twinning Charter Which brings us here

Yes we do like to be here in Le Vaudreuil
We do so enjoy the jumelage
We can't wait for September when we're here again
Just to jump in the river drives us quite 'in Seine'

With a hundred years of lasting friendship
England and France can both agree
That a Cordiale Entente
Is exactly what we want
To last for more than A century
To last for more than
A century

(Words by Ivan Brown one of our members)

Supper was served during the evening and a good time was had by all

The week-end was blessed with glorious weather which has become the normfor our twinning visits

An earlier event was Comberton's return visit to Le Vaudreuil for their twinning ceremony which took place during May, 2000.


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