Minutes of Comberton Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 24 May 2004
at 7.30pm in the New Village Hall


Present: 27 parishioners including councillors; District Cllr Steve Harangozo, County Cllr Robin Martlew, PC Chris Bradley, and Mrs LG Stoehr, Clerk.

Also present by special invitation: Mr Gary Wimblington of the Community Safety Partnership.



Miss Chris Westgarth presided. The written reports from the meeting are appended in full to these minutes.


1.                  Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 15 April 2003

The minutes were taken as read, approved by the meeting and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

2.                  Matters arising from the minutes


3.                  Report of the Parish Council for the year 2003-2004 including reports from members

This was presented by Miss Westgarth, the Parish Council Chairman.[1] The Chairman thanked all her fellow members for their hard work and energy through the past year.

Miss Westgarth’s report covered the Council’s active year bring about numerous improvements to the amenities and appearance of the village and the enormous progress that has been made over the last year with the youth facilities. In September the village again was successful at the annual Village of the Year Competition as joint winners in the Environment Section. The work of the new village Groundsman/Handyman was outlined and community events such as the Christmas Lights events highlighted. She ended with mention of the Barton Road traffic calming problems.

Reports from the individual Council members which along with the Chairman’s report is to form the Annual Report of the Parish Council is be published in 'Contact'.[2]

4.                  Report from Gail Stoehr, Responsible Financial Officer(RFO), on the Parish Council's finances

The RFO presented the audited financial statement of the Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2003[3] an outline of accounting procedure which included the Council’s budgeting process and a summary of the finances for the forthcoming year

5.                  Report by Cllr S Harangozo on District Council matters[4]

Cllr Harangozo’s report covered planning, housing, recycling and bus services. The District Council had given its support to the village by awarding grants for community projects.

6.                  Report by Cllr Robin Martlew on County Council matters [5]

Cllr Martlew's report covered his work as a County Cllr, the County’s budget and the proposed Guided Bus.

7.         Report on the work and activities of groups and organisations which have either received a grant from the Parish Council or have Parish Council appointees on their charity or organisation

7.1       Herringland Charity (trustees appointed by the Parish Council)

Dr Hoskins presented the report on the Charity’s activities behalf of the Charity’s Trustees.

7.2       Old School House[6]

7.3       Comberton Village Help Scheme[7]

7.4       St Mary’s Church (grant)[8]

7.5       Comberton Scouts (grant) – no report.

7.6       Comberton Village Institute[9]

An additional report was received from PC Chris Bradley[10]

8.         Presentation by Gary Wimblington from the Community Safety Partnership on shed and outbuilding safety

The Chairman welcomed Mr Wimblington to the meeting.

Mr Wimblington gave a half-hour presentation on how parishioners could improve the security of their sheds and outbuildings. The initiative to raise awareness was a result of a partnership between the Police and the District Council and was targeting, in the first instance, villages that had suffered the most from shed and outbuilding burglaries.

Mr Wimblington showed examples of locks, bolts and other security measures that for a few pounds would make it more difficult for the opportunist burglar. Leaflets were also available and parishioners invited to take some away for information.

Mr Wimblington was thanked by the meeting for attending and for an enjoyable and informative presentation.

8.         To consider resolutions of which written notice has been given
None had been received.

9.         Any other Parish Matters


10.       Closure of meeting

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.25pm.



Signed                                      (Chairman)                                            (date)


[1] Chairman’s report

[2] Comberton Parish Council’s Annual Report for 2003-2004

[3] The audited financial statement of the Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2003

[4] Report by Councillor S Harangozo on District Council matters

[5] Report by Cllr Robin Martlew on County Council matters

[6] Old School House

[7] Comberton Village Help Scheme

[8] St Mary’s Church

[9] Comberton Village Institute

[10] Police report