Wednesday 12 July 2006 in the Meridian Primary School at 7.00pm


Members present:


Mrs D Morison

Mr A Hollick

Mrs S Hyde

Dr C Chambers

Mr R Rowlands

Mr D Ellis

Dr H Roscoe

Mrs A Webb

Mr D Charge

Miss C Westgarth (Chairman)

In attendance: Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk), Cllr S Harangozo (District Cllr), Cllr D Baldwin (County Councillor) and 23 members of the public (part of meeting).


The meeting started at approx 8.30pm following the public meeting on affordable homes & exception sites.

Comments and observations from members of the public

Questions and comments included:

  • A request for information on the Council’s proposed response to the proposal to change the land designation of 16 ½ acres development on land off Green End. This was discussed by the Planning Committee and the Parish Council later in this meeting.
  • Concerns were expressed that the piping of the ditch in Barton Road will prevent surface drainage.
  • Clarification was sought on a proposed development in Swaynes Lane and if this is in a conservation area?
  • A request that the Council reconsider its position on signage at the crossroads. It was agreed that this would be an agenda item at the next meeting.
  • The litter bin on the Bus Shelter should be rustic.  It was noted that this is a temporary installation while the matter is being considered by the Focus Group.

1.         To approve apologies for absence and declarations of interest

            Satisfactory apologies were received from Mr Coulson and Dr J McCabe (holiday).

2.         To approve the minutes of the meeting on 14 June  & the extra-ordinary meeting on 21 June

On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Mr Charge the minutes of the meeting on 14 Junewere approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Mrs Hyde the minutes and also the confidential minutes of the meeting on 21 June 2006 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman after the following amendment:

·        Item 2.3 – should read ‘Mrs Morison’ and not ‘Mr Morison’.

It was agreed to vary the order of reference to take item 7 next.

7.         To receive reports and members items and consider recommendations there in

7.1       Planning including LDF Objection Site in Green End

The recommendation by the Planning Committee that the Parish Council object to the Objection site in 41 – 65 Green End was accepted. The Planning Committee is to draft and submit the full response on the Council's behalf.

3.         Matters arising or carried forward from the meeting including

3.1       Parish Council response to the presentation on affordable housing & potential exception site

Mrs Webb and Mrs Hyde declared a prejudicial interest in this item and they left the room while this matter was being discussed.

On a proposition by Mr Ellis, seconded by Mr Rowlands it was proposed to accept Flagship's offer to undertake a new housing need survey.  It was agreed to carry this item forward to allow the survey to be carried out.  The views of all who attended the public meeting opposing the proposed site at Long Road/ Branch Road were noted.

            Mrs Webb and Mrs Hyde re-joined the meeting. 

3.2       (3.4) New Village Hall Meeting room etc

Dr Roscoe's suggested possible layout for the room was handed out however  it was noted that this did not now require consideration.

3.3       (7.3) Village design statement

The e-mail from D Grech dated 21 June 2006 [1] regarding Comberton Village Design Guide and the recent changes in the planning system was noted. The Parish Council was disappointed to hear from SCDC that all new village design statements have been put on hold for the time being. It was agreed to write to SCDC to urge them to adopt the Comberton Village Design Statement as supplementary planning guidance as soon as possible.

3.4       (8.1) Standards Committee Parish Council member

An e-mail dated 3 July 2006 [2] announcing that Mr D Kelleway has been appointed onto the Standards Committee was noted.

3.5       (3.2) Clerk’s new contract

            On a proposition by the Chairman it was agreed to carry this item forward to the end of the meeting.

4.         County Councillor and District Councillor reports

4.1       Development of 225 Barton Road

The Planning Committee reported on the background to the development.  It was noted that in 2003 there was a change of use to offices and the removal of fencing for visibility splay.  Concern was expressed that there will be an unlit path next to a wide, deep water-filled open ditch by the cycle path is unsafe. Piping of the ditch may lead to problems with surface water run off. It was agreed that this matter should be pursued with the County and District Councils.

5.         Parish Plan

5.1       Youth Work report – Bob Candlin & Connections Youth Bus

As no report had been received from Mr Candlin and agreed to carry this matter forward to the next meeting. On a proposition by Mrs Hyde, seconded by Miss Westgarth it was agreed to extend the Connections Youth Bus’ contract to January 2007.  It was also agreed to carry forward youth neighbourhood watch forward to the next meeting for further consideration.

6.         Finance

6.1       To receive the financial report and to approve the payment of bills [3]

The financial report was received and considered and checked by a member against the invoices and statements. On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mr Hollick it was agreed that the payments as listed in the financial report should be paid.




South Cambs District Council




Litter bin


MD Landscapes

Grass cutting



Cleaning supplies


Coulson Building Group

Plumbing repairs


A Marsh

Pavilion cleaning


Morley Manufacturing

Bench repair


MD Landscapes

Grass cutting


Five Star Pest Control

Wasps nest


LGS Services

Admin support


LG Stoehr



LG Stoehr

Salary for August


A Marsh

Pavilion cleaning August



The following were noted:

·        Mark Catley, District Valuer had emailed to justify his invoice which should be received shortly:

·        A wasp’s nest in the path between Kentings and West Street was removed by Five Star Pest Control following several complaints of children being stung.

·        £48.94 was still outstanding on the LGS Services invoice from June. This backdated amount had now been approved in the invoice approved above.


7.         To receive reports and members items and consider recommendations there in

7.1       Planning including LDF Objection Site in Green End

            This item was taken earlier.

7.2       Village Hall representative and Steering Group representatives

It was suggested that the Parish Council might change its monthly meeting to a different day of the week. There was a consensus that the members preferred to continue to meet on a Wednesday evening.

7.3       Focus Group – summer event

It was noted that the Focus Group are arranging the ‘summer’ event.  The application for a temporary event notice at a cost of £21 was approved.

7.4       P3 Co-ordinator

In response to the recommendation by Miss Westgarth the Parish Council gave its support for Defence Estates application to gate BW. It was noted that there are travellers on Bridleway: 10 and that these had been reported to the travellers Liaison Officer and the County Council's Parish Paths Officer.

7.5       Grass cutting & village maintenance

The following items were noted:

·        Barton Road/Swaynes Lane public right of way – the pump is outstanding.

·        Much of the work which had been undertaken by the Groundsman has now been picked up by contractors. 

·        Members were asked if anyone sees items that require attention to contact the Clerk with details.

·        The holes at the base of the ‘tennis courts’ were noted. Quotations are to be sought.

·        It was agreed to ask Mr Michael Hall if he would be willing to deal with the graffiti on the bus shelter.

·        MD Landscapes have been asked to add the village hall site and small grass area outside the gate to their contract.

·        Members were thanked for helping with the planting at the crossroads.  It was agreed that it looks good.

7.6       Parking problems by the pond and offer of voluntary installation of bollards

A kind offer from a retired builder to install wooden bollards at the pond, if purchased by the Council was considered.  It was agreed to place an article in Contact asking residents for their views on this matter and to carry this item forward to the September meeting for further consideration.

7.7       Other

Valley Parking – The Parish Council agreed that the delays are unacceptable and that a formal complaint should be sent to the County Council.

8.         To consider matters arising out of correspondence/communications received including

8.1       Stagecoach – new timetable[4]

The services changes from July were noted.

8.2       National Village Show – Wimpole [5]


8.3       Jointly Funded Minor Improvements Scheme 2006-2007 bidding round

It was noted that this matter was passed to the Transport Working Group to draft a proposal for the September meeting.

8.4       St Andrew’s Street / Hobson Street consultation [6]


8.5       Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006 [7]


8.6       Cambs Archaeology – project to increase access & participation – survey [8]


8.7       Parish & Town Council Support Officer – Quality Councils[9]

The letter from CALC offering ‘Free Help plus Grant Funding’ was noted and considered.  It was agreed to invite CALC to attend either the October or November meeting to discuss the proposition further.

8.8       Advertising signs

The recent letters from residents and the publican regarding advertising sings were noted and considered.  It was agreed that the discussion on advertising signs in the village in particular their use in a conservation area should be carried forward to the September meeting.

8.9       A letter from a resident about An article by Warmwell homes in the last edition of Contact was were considered. It was reiterated that the Council had already considered this matter and refused to allow permission for access across the recreation ground.  Warmwell Homes had already been notified.

8.10     New legislation about mopeds on public land e.g. recreation grounds was noted. An article will be put in Contact.


8.11     A letter from Sue Reynolds insisting that the Parish Council install the interactive sign in Barton Road was considered. It was agreed to ask Cllr Baldwin to arrange a meeting with Ms Sue Reynolds and other representatives from Cambridgeshire County Council to attend the September meeting to discuss the traffic calming scheme in Barton Road and the need for an interactive sign. The meeting will start at 7pm.

3.5       (3.2) Clerk’s new contract

The Parish Council agreed to back date the Clerk and LGS Services pay award to 1 April and to carry forward discussion on the Clerk’s proposed new contract to the September meeting.

9.         Closure of meeting

The Chairman was thanked for ‘Charing’ the public meeting. There was no further business and the meeting closed at 10.10 pm.

Mrs Hyde gave her apologies for the next meeting.



Signed   …………………………………….  .Chairman   …………………date


[1] E-mail from D Grech dated 21/07/06 re: Comberton Village Design Guide and changes in local planning system

[2] E-mail dated 3/7/06 re: Standards Committee Parish Council member

[3] Financial Report

[4] Stagecoach – new timetable

[5] National Village Show – Wimpole

[6] St Andrew’s Street / Hobson Street consultation

[7] E-mails re: Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006

[8] Cambs Archaeology – project to increase access & participation – survey

[9] Letter from CALC re: Parish & Town Council Support Officer – Quality Councils