Wednesday 8 February 2006 in the Old Village Hall at 7.30pm


Members present:


Mr A Bailey

Dr C Chambers

Mr D Charge

Mr A Hollick

Mrs S Hyde

Dr J McCabe

Mrs D Morison

Dr H Roscoe

Mr R Rowlands

Mrs A Webb

Miss C Westgarth (Chairman)

In attendance: Dr Yukata visiting scholar from Japan, Mr Paul Quigley Environment Services Manager, Cllr S Harangozo, Cllr D Baldwin, Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.


1.         To approve apologies for absence and to receive declarations of interest from members

1.1       Apologies were received from Mr M Bennett (overseas), Mrs D Morison and Dr J McCabe (late).

1.2       Declarations of interest were received as follows:

·        Miss Westgarth and Mrs Morison - Governor of School - Item 6.2

·        Mrs Webb - Secretary of School – item 6.2

·        Mr Rowlands - Football Club – item 6.2

·        Dr H Roscoe - Item 3.2 Greening our Villages.

2.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting on 11 January 2006

On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Mr Charge the minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

3.         Matters arising or carried forward from the meeting for discussion/decision including

3.1       (3.4) Tree adj. 2 The Valley – survey & recommendation from the working group

Mr Lambert’s letter 19 January 2006 including a surveyor’s report[1].and Mr Bailey’s report on his meeting with Mr Lambert were considered  It was agreed to carry this item forward to the next meeting to allow time for other members to look at the wall and to invite a report from the tree Warden.

3.2              (4) Greening our Villages – to consider a project and application

Cllr Harangozo’s draft application was considered.[2]. On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Hyde if was felt that given the lack of detail in the application regarding the proposed exception site Comberton Parish Council could not support the application being made in its name.

3.3       (6.6) Footway lighting – to consider the reply from SCDC & if the Parish Council will

adopt the footway lighting

An e-mail dated 26 January 2006 from Mr P Quigley to Cllr S Harangozo re: street cleaning was noted[3].  The Parish Council welcomed Mr Paul Quigley, Environment Services Manager to the meeting.  Mr Quigley went onto explain about the background, capping and the decision taken by the District Council to switch of footway lights unless they are taken on by the Parish Council.  It was agreed to write a letter to the District Councillor Mrs D Spink to ask that they exercise the duty of care to their residents and to ask if the District Council will defer making a decision until the Parish Council have received a reply to its letter. 

3.4       (8) Recreation ground extension purchase – to consider what, if any, action is required to progress this

As no reply had as yet been received on a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mr Charge and carried unanimously it was agreed to contract Mr Mark Catley, The District Valuer to pursue this with an aim to complete speedily. It was agreed that the Parish Council agreed to pay the District Valuer’s fees for a maximum of two hours work.

3.5       (9.2) – Village Hall PC Reinstatement Clause

Further to the last minute it was felt that the general principal was that this was cognisant of any advice of the Parish Councils solicitors.

4.         County Councillor and District Councillor reports including

4.0.1    Cllr Baldwin reported on:

·        The Police Authority Budget meeting and the formation of Neighbourhood Panels

·        Ecops

·        Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals & Waste Consultation.

Cllr Baldwin’s kind offer to arrange for someone from Cemex to attend a public meeting was gratefully accepted. Forthcoming meetings at Arrington and Toft were noted. Members are to attend if they are able.

5.         Parish Plan

Nothing to report.

6.         To consider matters arising out of correspondence/communications received including

6.1       Royal Mail – Proposed changes to CB1-5 Postcode Addresses

A letter dated 30 January 2006 from Royal Mail East Anglia regarding proposed changes to CB1- 5 Postcode addresses was noted[4].  It was agreed that an article should go in ‘Contact’ and that this item should be carried forward to the next meeting for further discussion.

7.         Finance & procedural matters

7.1       To receive the financial report and to approve the payment of bills[5]

The financial report was received and considered and checked by a member against the invoices. On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Morison it was agreed that the payments as listed in the financial report should be paid.


Affiliation fee



Phone bill


Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch

Affiliation fee



Building materials


N Gristwood

Grounds man


Alarm Maintenance

Intruder alarm


Anglo Fabrications

Polycarbonate for notice board


MD Landscapes

Grass cutting


Universal Fencing

Grounds man


PT Pinner and Son

Hedging recreation boundary


LG  Stoehr



LGS Services

Admin support & expenses


Mills and Reeve

VH lease



Electricity bill



Groundsman materials


The following were noted:

·        Chq 123 to SCDC not reached the recipient and has been stopped at the bank at no charge. The Council agreed to reissue as chq 148.

·        The Mills & Reeve invoice was for completing the VH Lease. This is in excess of what was budgeted for but was strictly in response to instruction from the Parish Council and the increased negotiations over the reinstatement, path to nursery school, car parking etc.

·        It was noted at the assets review that the garage roof was damaged. Mr Gristwood has said that will require re-roofing. As the Council's budget does not allow for this he has been asked if he can find a way to repair/part felt it. The Ridgeons' invoice includes felting material so it was assumed that it would be repaired.

·        The brick path wall by the pavilion had been damaged and will need relaying.

·        Rats on the recreation ground are to be cleared by Five Star.

·        CCC had paid £1000 grant towards the cost of the West Street/Kentings Bus Shelter.

·        A VAT reclaim for £3707.38 has been submitted to HMCE.

·        Recycling credits of £481.28 have been received from SCDC and will show on the next statement.

·        Contributions towards the SLCC affiliation fee have been received from Guilden Morden & Bourn Parish Councils & will show on the next statement.

On a proposition by Dr Chambers, seconded by Mr Hollick the invoice for N Gristwood was approved.  It was noted that the Committee had met with him last year and that they had deferred the matter. It was agreed that Miss Westgarth is contact Mr Gristwood about his new contract and the reduction in his hours.

On a proposition by Dr Roscoe, seconded by Mr Rowlands the Small Business Rate Relief claim was signed by the Chairman.

7.2       Co-option of member to fill casual vacancy

SCDC had written giving the Parish Council 60 days from the date of the vacancy notice i.e. 10 February 2006.  It was agreed to request an extension and to advertise the vacancy on the notice board inviting parishioners to apply and to carry this item forward to the next meeting.

On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Dr McCabe it was resolved to adopt the following policy for future casual vacancies and that this should be added to the standing orders – ‘If Comberton Parish Council is notified that it may co-opt to fill a vacancy a notice will be automatically put in ‘Contact’ and on the notice board inviting interested residents to put themselves forward for co-option. Anyone doing so will then be considered for the vacancy at the following Parish Council meeting. If there are more candidates than vacancies then Council will select by secret ballot.’

8.         Kebab Van licensing review

It was agreed to invite views from the residents who had previously expressed concern and that this matter should be carried forward to the next meeting.

9.         To receive reports and members proposals and to consider recommendations

9.1       Planning[6]

The Planning report was taken as read.

9.2              Village Hall and letter from Mr B Cook

The following letters were noted:

·        Brian Cook, Chairman, Village Institute Trustees (VIT) received 14 January enclosing a copy of his letter to Mr Chamberlain dated 15 December 2005 - letter of instruction[7].

·        Brian Cook, Chairman, VIT received 7 February regarding the successful DEFRA Grant, acknowledgement of the Parish Councils £60,000 contribution and enclosing a letter of acceptance from Inspecting Surveyor[8].

Mr Hollick reported on the village hall fundraising to date and that village groups and organisations were to help with the fundraising. It was noted that the Parish Council’s September music event would also have a collection for the village hall project.

6.2       Safer Routes to School.

An e-mail dated 8 February 2006 from Tim Saunders regarding Safer Routes to School and seeking a contribution from the Parish Council for a new pitch was noted and considered[9].  It was noted that the Cricket has been ruined for the season due to installation of the path.  It was agreed to arrange and facilitate a meeting with the Cricket Club and the County Council to facilitate.   Copies of the letters between the Parish Council and the other authorities are to be sent to the Cricket Club as requested by Mr Saunders.

Closure of meeting

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.40 pm




Signed   …………………………………….  .Chairman   …………………date


[1] Letter dated 19/01/06 from Mr Lambert , 2 The Valley-  damage to the boundary wall inc surveyor’s report

[2] Report from Cllr Steve Harangozo dated 4/02/06 re: Greening our Villages”

[3] An e-mail dated 26/01/06 from Mr P Quigley to Cllr S Harangozo re: street cleaning/lightning 

[4] Letter Royal Mail – Proposed changes to CB1-5 Postcode Addresses

[5] Financial Report

[6] Planning Report

[7] Letter Brian Cook, Chairman, VIT to Mr Chamberlain received 14/01/06  re: letter of instruction

[8] Letter Brian Cook, Chairman, VIT dated 1/10/05 received 07/02/06 regarding the DEFRA Grant and letter of acceptance from Inspecting Surveyor

[9] An e-mail dated 8/02/06 from Tim Saunders re: Safer Routes to School and Cricket Club