Wednesday 11 January 2006 in the Old Village Hall at 7.30pm


Members present:


Dr H Roscoe

Mr A Bailey

Mrs A Webb

Mrs S Hyde

Mr D Charge

Miss C Westgarth (Chairman)

Mr A Hollick

Mrs D Morison

Mr R Rowlands (part)


In attendance: Cllr S Harangozo, Cllr D Baldwin, Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk) and 2 members of the public.


1.         To approve apologies for absence

Members Mr M Bennett (overseas), Dr J McCabe (holiday) and Dr C Chambers (work).

2.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting on 14 December 2005

On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Mr Charge the minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman after one amendment: 

·        (3.4.2) “Mr Bayard” should be spelt “Mr Banyard”

3.         Matters arising or carried forward from the meeting for discussion/decision including

3.1       CCC matters including CVC traffic calming

A reply has been recently received from South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) Area Joint Committee stating that a meeting is to be held on 6 March. Mrs Morison is to attend to represent the Parish Council.

3.2       SCDC Licensing Policy complaint reply

A reply dated 14 December 2005 from Dale Robinson, Chief Environmental Health Officer, SCDC[1] regarding ‘Consultation on Licensing Issues’ was considered.  In response to his comment that due to legislation by Central Government it was made clear that to consult with persons other than those outlined in the Act may result in the Authority acting ‘ultra vires’ it was agreed to ask Andrew Lansley MP to pursue this matter with Government when it undertook its review in February.

3.3       Cricket Club complaint – safer routes to school path

Consideration was given to an e-mail dated 19 December 2005 from Comberton Cricket Club[2] regarding the recently constructed safer routes to school path. He stated that the Cricket Club were extremely angry and disappointed that they were not consulted on the revised routing, change of construction method, lack of safety surface, missed opportunity to lay a water pipe and lack of any communication from the Parish Council in general also in respect of Recreation Ground matters.

It was thought that there was not enough funding for safety surfacing and that the Recreation Ground Trust is still in the process of being set up and once formed it will get in touch with all relevant parties.  

3.4       Mr Lambert 2 The Valley request for site meeting

Following the Parish Council’s letter, Mr Lambert had telephoned asking for a site meeting. It was agreed that the following members: Mrs Hyde, Mrs Morison, Mr Hollick and Mr Bailey would meet with Mr Lambert, preferably on a Saturday morning and bring a recommendation to the next meeting.  It was noted that east to west strata could be the cause of the problem.   

4.         County Councillor and District Councillor reports including

4.0.1    Cllr Baldwin reported on the Cemex meeting in Barton in December, that the planning application still had not been received and that the County’s view is that they are against the application. It was noted that Cllr Baldwin clarified that he has no vested interest in the matter.

It was agreed to take items 6.4 and 4.3 here.

6.4              Cambs County Council – budget consultation[3]

The Parish Council was urged to respond to the consultation.

4.3       Library service

An e-mail dated 4 January 2006 from Cllr S Harangozo[4] regarding possible library closures was noted.  Cllr Baldwin reported that libraries will be closed.

4.0.2        Cllr S Harangozo reported on the following:

·        “Greening our Villages” opportunities

·        An undisclosed exception site for affordable low cost housing – A presentation is anticipated to take place in the next few months.

Dr Roscoe declared an interest in “Greening our Villages” as a committee member.  The Parish Council agreed in principal to an application being drafted by Cllr Harangozo for further consideration at the next meeting.

4.1       Amenity and commercial signs

4.1.1    An e-mail dated 3 January 2006 from Cllr S Harangozo[5] regarding Amenity and Commercial Signs was noted.

Letters received from parishioners were taken at this point in the meeting.

4.1.2    C and L Bourne, licensees at 3 Horseshoes.

In response to a letter to be published in Comberton Contact from C and L Bourne licensees at The Three Horseshoes the Parish Council were sympathetic and stated that they would like to work with him and other businesses in the village on anything that would help protect a village amenity. It was highlighted that is not in the Parish Council’s remit to grant planning permission.

Mr Rowlands arrived here.

It was agreed to invite all the local business to do a feature in “Contact”.

4.1.3    Dr Wright -  NVH Appeal

A request from Dr Wright to place a fundraising notice by the pond or Nursery School was considered. It was agreed to reply that it is not the Parish Council’s remit to grant authorisation and that he should contact South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) for further help/advice.

4.2       Bus service

An email from Cllr Harangozo[6] and also a letter dated 13 December 2005 from Stephanie Wade, Customer Relations Officer, Cambridge County Council (CCC)[7] regarding changes to local bus services were noted.

5.         Parish Plan

            The Connections Bus Project report[8] was considered interesting and highlighted that the Council had spent its money well. An article is to be place in “Contact”.

6.         To consider matters arising out of correspondence/communications received including

6.1       Standards of conduct in English Local Government: the future ODPM proposals

The implications for dual-hatted members and the benefits to parish councils were noted.

6.2       CCC - Public Rights of Way – missing link

In response to a letter dated 28 November 2005 from Definitive Map Consolidation Projects Officers, CCC[9] regarding Public Rights of Way and missing links none were known.

6.3       Cambridgeshire Constabulary – budget consultation[10]

It was noted that every year Cambridgeshire Constabulary say that there should be an increase in budget but there appears to be even less police presence year on year.  Cllr Baldwin kindly agreed to feed back the Parish Council’s views to the forthcoming consultation meeting. 

6.5       CALC – Capping proposals of South Cambs District Council


6.6       SCDC Footway lighting

It was agreed that the Parish Council were not happy with the proposal that it should precept for the costs and that this item should be carried forward to the next meeting for full consideration/discussion.

6.7       SCDC Local Government Finance Act 1992 – Parish Precepts


6.8       Local Council Review

It was agreed to save costs that the Parish Council would share a subscription with some of the Clerk’s other councils. Comberton Parish Council would invoice the other Parish Councils for their share of the cost which works out to approximately £4 each.

7.         Finance & procedural matters

7.1       To receive the financial report and to approve the payment of bills[11]

The financial report was received and considered and checked by a member against the invoices. On a proposition by Mrs Webb, seconded by Mrs Morison it was agreed that the payments as listed in the financial report should be paid. The cheque for £60,000 was approved and is to be released to the Comberton Village Halls when the loan has been received and cleared in the Parish Councils bank account.

Expenditure for approval




Cambs ACRE




LG Stoehr


LGS Services




N Gristwood


Comberton WI


Comberton Village Halls


Information Commissioner


Mills and Reeve


The following were noted:

·        N Gristwood is still claiming for 15 hours per week but that some of the December invoice would, on this occasion, be offset against the P3 budget.

·        The notice board glass has been broken and a replacement pane of polycarbonate (riot shield material) has been ordered which is cheaper than glass).

·        The loan for the village hall had been approved and the advance will be paid into the Parish Council's account on Friday 13 Jan. The first loan payment is due on 16 March and will be £1683.04. Thereafter there will be two payments of £6749.68 per FY.

7.2       To approve the Budget for 2007

·        It was noted that the Budget Working Group had met and its recommendation was considered.

On a proposition by Dr H Roscoe, seconded by Mr Charge it was agreed that:

·        Due to the other large projects i.e the village hall and the recreation ground extension funding  that the project for the extension to the pond wall should be progressed by finding grant funding rather than being included in the precept.

·        The Clerk should try to find funding for the pond wall in the FY2007.

·        In response to the letters received from St Mary’s Church and the Warden Scheme that £1750 be included in the budget for S137 donations to these two bodies and that an additional £250 unallocated as yet amount be included in S137, that is a total of £2000 in the budget heading.

·        That the pavilion amount remain the same because it is not clear as yet with the SCDC capping if the Parish Council will get small business rate relief

·        To include £200 for dog bins, Village events including Christmas lights event £700, Footway lighting £100, land registry of the Parish Council’s land £1250.

·        That PPIC becomes a working group rather than a committee with delegated powers and that the Parish Plan agenda item includes a decision making section at the Parish Council meetings.

·        Noting the anticipated carry forward for the PPIC budget that a further £500 is included in the budget for progress the projects identified in the parish plan.

·        Noting the letter from the County Council that its agency services grant may be reduced to cover only four cuts in the season and in recognition of the contract the Parish Council has entered into with its grass cutting contract that the Parish Council continue with the five cuts per annum with a view to handing back the grasscutting to CCC at the end of the 2007 season.

·        the budget as appended in full to these minutes[12] be approved. It was noted that there was one abstention.

7.3       To demand the Precept for FY 2007

On a proposition by Dr Roscoe, seconded by Miss Westgarth it was resolved that the precept should be £56,000.

7.4       Internal Audit & Audit Commission review

The implications for the proposed changes with regard to Comberton Parish Council, e.g. that an intermediate audit would only be necessary at £200,000 were noted. Also that given the increased expenditure in this financial year an intermediate audit would be required which would cost £650.

8.         Recreation ground extension purchase issues

It was noted that the Chairman had tried to speak to Mr Banks but that her call was not returned.  The Parish Council found the terms were not acceptable to them and gave 28 days notice.

It was agreed that the Parish Council:

·        Require the inclusion of “recreation” as a permitted use (as, in fact, agreed by the seller’s agent in its letter dated 28 July 2005

·        Insists of the deletion of any planning covenant on its part;

·        Is unhappy that the sellers are now seeking to change heads of terms after these have been agreed by all parties; and

·        Require the sale to be effected within the next 28 days.

9.         To receive reports and members proposals and to consider recommendations

9.1       Planning[13]

The Planning report was taken as read.

It was noted that a meeting had taken place with Mr Patel, Post Office and the architect earlier on this evening and it was described as a positive meeting.  The architect had met with Conservation and Planning Officers to discuss aspects of the proposals and Messrs Patel had indicted that they would be willing to accommodate the Parish Councils preferences but that the Planning Officer did not want to. Concern was expressed that there continued to be litter at front of the site and agreed that the Parish Council would formally complain about the litter and appearance at the front of the shop.

9.2       Village Hall

Mr Hollick reported that:

·         The trustees were disappointed that the ‘reinstatement clause’ did not match the spirit of what had been discussed at an earlier Parish Council meeting.

·         Work started Monday.

·         The DEFRA grant application outcome is awaited.

·         Turf cutting is due to take place Saturday morning and an invitation was extended to the Parish Council to attend

·         The restricted access whilst the building work is carried out.

9.3              Connections Bus

See Item 5.

Closure of meeting

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.35 pm




Signed   …………………………………….  .Chairman   …………………date

[1] Letter dated 14/12/05 from Dale Robinson, SCDC regarding ‘Consultation on Licensing Issues’

[2] E-mail dated 19/12/05 from Tim Saunders, Comberton Cricket Club regarding recently constructed footpath

[3] Cambs County Council – budget consultation

[4] E-mail dated 4/01/06 from Cllr S Harangozo regarding possible library closures.

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[7] Letter dated 13/12/05 from Stephanie Wade, (CCC) regarding changes to local bus services

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