Wednesday 9 November 2005 in the Old Village Hall at 7.30pm.


Members present:


Dr B Burton

Mr D Charge

Dr C Chambers

Mr A Hollick

Dr J McCabe

Dr H Roscoe

Mrs D Morison

Mr R Rowlands

Miss C Westgarth (Chairman)

Mrs A Webb

Mrs S Hyde

In attendance: Cllr S Harangozo, Cllr D Baldwin, J Stallabrass, Licensing Officer South Cambs District Council, Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk) and 9 members of the public.


1.         To approve apologies for absence

Mr A Bailey(ill), Dr C Chambers(late) and Mr M Bennett(overseas).

2.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting on 12 October 2005

On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Dr J McCabe the minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

3.         Matters arising or carried forward from the meeting for discussion/decision

3.1       To note the Clerk’s report[2]

3.0.1    (3.0.1) The Parish Council had not received a reply to its letter to Ms Sue Reynolds regarding the Interactive Sign.

3.0.2    (3.0.1) Dr Wright’s correspondence regarding traffic calming in front of Comberton Village College on the B1046 was considered.[3]  It was agreed that if there was no money in the County Council budget then it should be pursued with the developer/CVC.   It was agreed that a letter should be sent to Mr Mark Kemp, Deputy Assistant Director (Highways and Engineering) to ask that he have the outstanding island installed as previously agreed claiming the cost from either the developer or the college if the County Council did not have the funding in its budget. It was also agreed to point out that as the electrics were in place the cost should not be prohibitive.

3.0.3    (7.2.2) It was noted that Mr Oxer had telephoned to say that he did not have the alleged deed/document confirming rights of play on the recreation ground.

3.0.4    (3.0.5)A reply received from Ms Tindale, Planning Officer regarding Church Farmhouse[4]. S/0386/00/F was noted. This informed the parish Council that legal advice has now been obtained from Council’s Legal Section on this matter who had expressed the view that planning permission for the above planning application has not lapsed. It was agreed that the Parish Council were otherwise minded and agreed that this should be escalated to the Chief Executive.

3.2       (3.2) Plastics recycling

As Contact has not long been out the responses to the Parish Council’s article about suggesting that the plastics recycling is relocated to a different as yet undecided location are only starting to come. It was agreed to carry this item forward to the next meeting.

3.3       (3.3) Review of work carried out in Comberton (by the PC, local authorities and the water authority) since the last great flood in order to prevent a recurrence

A reply from Pat Matthews dated 19 October 2005 [5] was noted.  This said that the awarded watercourse had been done as part of their annual programme of mechanised works.  It was agreed to ask Pat Matthews, Dennis Vacher and Anglian Water to attend a site meeting with Mr Hollick and Dr Burton being the Parish Council’s representatives if they are able to attend.

Sewage on a patio in Thornbury was noted.

3.4       (3.4) Tree removal near path to the recreation ground

Two emails dated 15 & 17 October 2005[6] from Cllr Baldwin were considered. It was noted that:

·        The County Council claimed that the trees were decayed and required felling.

·        The trees were recently inspected on a recent tree walk by the Tree Group and no significant sign of decay was found.

·        Groomfields were no longer the Schools contractor and had not been so for some time.

·        The bat boxes had gone missing and the bats, a protected species would have thus been disturbed.

·        Groomfields had stated that the Local Education Authority (LEA) own the land. 

·        The Parish Council believed this information to be incorrect as it had been maintaining the land for the last 20 years (approximately).

It was agreed to clarify ownership of the path in question by asking the County Council to provide its evidence of ownership and to ensure removal of trees unnecessarily doesn’t happen again.  The Parish Council unanimously agreed that as a minimum they required replacement of the trees and also the two bat boxes.

3.5       (9.1) Kebab van, Green End – letters from the Police, SCDC Licensing Officer Etc

            Various correspondence was considered including:

·        E-mail dated 13 October from PC C Bradley [7] confirming the plans to deal with drugs and youths within the village and asking people report incidents to the police so they can record them and take the necessary action.

·        E-mail dated 26 October from PC C Bradley[8] reporting that he has seen the crime regarding the damage to the Village Hall and confirming that he has already interviewed one person and that he had the names of a number of people who were there at the time and probably also responsible.

·        Letter dated 31 October from PS C Burns, Community Sergeant, Histon and Cambourne[9] confirming that he has looked into calls made by local residents since 1 January and found a total of 17 calls were made and that he had increased policing in the area.

·        E-mail dated 16 October from Cllr S Harangozo[10] confirming that he had requested a meeting with Ms Juli Stallabrass to allow her to discuss her investigations.

·        E-mail dated 3 November 2005 from Ms Stallabrass [11] confirming that Mr Cetin had applied to renew his licence on 28 March 2005, and as there had been no complaints during that period of time the licence was renewed until 31 March 2006.  In addition Mr Cetin had also put in an application to extend their current opening hours.  As there was no objections from the relevant authorities the new hours will become effective from 24 November 2005.  They will be Monday – Thursday to 23.30 and Friday & Saturday until Midnight. Mrs Cetin had reported to Ms Stallibrass that there had been no youths hanging around in the last two weeks.

Ms Stallabrass was welcomed to address the meeting, she then went on to summarise the licensing laws. Concern was expressed that the licence had been renewed without the Parish Council being informed. Residents’ complaints about smells being omitted from the van, the noise coming from the generators and vehicles starting up were noted. Given the strength of feeling at the meeting Ms Stallabrass agreed to have a meeting to discuss the possible relocation of the kebab van to the lay-by in Toft with the agreement of the owners.  The period of review (appeal process) for extended hours was noted.  It was agreed to write to Mr Dale Robertson, Chief Licensing Officer informing him that Comberton Parish Council finds the policy misleading.  Ms Stallibrass was thanked for attending the meeting and for attempting to find a solution to the problem.

4.         County Councillor and District Councillor reports

            Cllr Baldwin’s[12] report included:

·        Details of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Waste Managements Plan.

·        Cemex application - The application by Cemex had not yet been received by Cambridge County Council (CCC).  Issues have been raised with regards to traffic and visual intrusion.

Cllr Baldwin agreed to notify the Parish Council when the application was received.

5.         Parish Plan

            No report.

6.         Finance & procedural matters

6.1       To receive the financial report and to approve the payment of bills[13]

The financial report was received and considered and checked by a member against the invoices. On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Morison it was agreed that the payments as listed in the financial report should be paid.





Telephone bill


MD Landscapes




Groundsman materials






Dog bin



Electricity bill



Groundsman materials


Glassworld Ltd

VH glass


N Gristwood



LG Stoehr



LGS Services

Admin, PPIC & expenses


            It was noted that suggestions for the budget should be given to the Clerk or brought to the next meeting.

7.         To receive reports and members proposals and to consider recommendations

7.1       Planning[14]

The Planning Committee’s report was taken as read.  The Committee confirmed that they had been invited to attend a site meeting on 3 Oct with the Dickinson’s at Church Farmhouse, as recommended by SCDC Full Planning Committee, but then were un-invited.  Dr H Roscoe has now contacted the Dickinson’s to affirm willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue, but to emphasise that it is against Council policy to have meetings with only one Parish representative in such circumstances. 

A letter from a resident regarding unlawful signage at the crossroads was noted.

7.2       Tree Group report[15]

            The Tree Group report included:

·        Valley Footpath – alleged tree root damage.

Following a verbal complaint from a resident the Tree Group looked at the wall in question.  It was considered that the adjacent Field Maples were not primarily responsible for the small amount of damage present.  Removal of the trees west of the path would harden the vista and open possible access to motor vehicle.  This was noted and it was agreed to wait to see if a formal complaint in writing was received.

·        Long Road – Horse Chestnut Avenue.

·        19 Long Road – Ash tree in front hedge.

On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Miss Westgarth it was agreed that the Parish Council should apply for a TPO for the ash tree in front of 19 Long Road.

8.         Village Hall

8.1       Report from the VH Trustees and representatives[16]

Dr Burtons report was considered.

8.2       Mills & Reeve Agreement to Lease and Lease (confidential)

Various pieces of correspondence and reports were considered including:

·        Letter dated 19 October 2005 from Mills & Reeves (confidential under Freedom of Info Act.[17]

·        A copy of a letter from J F Dawson Solicitor to K Pearson dated 25 October 2005.[18]

·        A letter dated 28 October 2005 from Mills & Reeves (confidential under Freedom of Info Act.[19]

·        A letter dated 2 November 2005 from Katharine Pearson, Mills & Reeve (confidential under Freedom of Info Act).

In response to the latter letter on a proposition by Dr Chambers seconded by Miss Westgarth it was agree to respond to Ms Pearson as follows taking each of her points in turn the Parish Council:

(Page 1/2)

1          Note this and its implications. It is satisfied having an awareness of land values in Comberton that the land is well below £2m in value. Therefore no further action is required.

2          Note.

3          The Parish Council note your explanation and as previously indicated object to doing away with the agreement for lease.

4          Agree to waive the requirement for collateral warranties

5          Note that the plan which the Trustees have drawn up which was used for the planning application encroaches onto the old village hall site. I understand that the 1920's lease for the old village hall is noted against the land title and that you are exploring with Land Registry the best way forward. Given this Comberton Parish Council is agreeable for you to handle the matter in the most suitable way either by using the planning application site plan or by using the land conveyance plan accepting declaration or surrender as appropriate. The Parish Council hope that this technicality will not unduly delay matters.

6          No further action is required by either yourself or Jonathan Dawson on this point. The Parish Council will deal with the Trustees directly.

7          Thank you, this is clear.

(Page 2/3)

1          Has noted this.

2          agree to the amendment that the surveyor who will issue the completion certificate will be a surveyor of the Trustees who will be appointed by agreement with the council. The Council will not unreasonably withhold its agreement or delay unnecessarily over the decision.

3          The £60,000 contribution will be made not later than five months from the date of the signing of the agreement to lease. The Council gives its assurance that it will make payment as soon as it is practicably able during this period.

4          Has no strong views.

5          Wish to receive a copy of the building contract of the works but does not need to approve it.

6          Agree to let this point go.

7          Don’t insist on the Trustees paying costs if the Trustees fail to complete the works in accordance with the agreement etc.

8          Accept the limitation of the liability that the Village Institute Trust is a body and that its assets and liabilities are restricted to those of the Charity. The Parish Council does not wish to pursue individuals.

9          Accept Jonathan Dawson’s amendment.

(Page 4/5, Lease)

1          Agree that the access is on foot only (there is not room for vehicle access)

2          Agree to the deletion of the word "exclusive"

3          Accept the wording suggested by Jonathan Dawson that such consent should not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

4          Having read Jonathan Dawson's suggestion accept his wording. The Parish Council wish to be given an opportunity to approve any underlet, sublet or assignment but this approval will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

5          Not entirely. The Parish Council want to see statutory documents as detailed in charity law e.g. annual accounts and reports etc.

6          The requirement, as amended, is acceptable.

7          This is acceptable.

With these points resolved the Parish Council anticipate that the papers can be prepared for signing by both parties without further delay.

8.3       Parishioner correspondence

            It was noted that Mrs Bloor of the Friendship Club expressed her support for the new Village Hall and expressed her disappointment if the new Village Hall does not go ahead.

An e-mail dated 3 November 2005[20] had been received from Mrs N Wright asking the Parish Council to prove its support of the plans to build a new hall.  This was noted and it was hoped that with the decisions reached at this evening’s meeting the Parish Council’s support for the project would be evident.

9.         Recreation ground extension

9.1       Mills & Reeve – Recreation Ground extension (confidential)

A letter dated 4 November 2005 from Mills & Reeve’s[21] regarding the terms of the overage provision was considered.

On a proposition by Miss C Westgarth, seconded by Dr C Chambers the Parish Council resolved that it understood the implications and was prepared to accept these as it has no intention of either selling or developing the land over and above what has been agreed because of its desire to have an extension to the existing recreation ground.

9.2       To consider and approve the quotations for the stock fencing

Three quotations were received and considered. On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Morison it was agreed to accept the quotation from Mr Oakes for the sum of £1469 plus VAT.

9.3       Letter from SCDC requesting an extension to the timescale to determine the Parish Council’s planning application for the recreation ground extension’s change of use

            It was noted that the extended timescale was not now required as planning permission with conditions had been granted. In particular it was noted that change of use had to be within three years and that a full landscaping plan was required before any works commenced.[22] & [23]

9.4       Watts Wood

            The transfer papers had finally been received and signed as previously agreed by two members of the Parish Council.

10.       To consider matters arising out of correspondence/communications received including

10.1.1    Mobile Warden Scheme updates on finances & request for financial support in FY 2007

Dr J McCabe declared a prejudicial interest in this item and left the meeting whilst it was being discussed.  A letter dated 13 October 2005[24] noted that no further financial support was required in this financial year but seeking support for the next financial year.

10.2     Army Cadets request for financial support

In response to the letter dated 26 October[25] it was agreed that no donation under the existing powers could be made to benefit one individual.

10.3     Barrington Cement works development and parishioner correspondence

A leaflet regarding the proposals and a letter dated 27 October[26] from a resident were considered. It was agreed to contact the local parish councils to find out their thoughts on the proposals and to carry this matter forward to the next meeting.

10.4     Cambridge Horizons invitation to meeting[27]

An invitation to attend Cambridgeshire Horizons public Question and Answer meeting was noted.  The meeting is to be held on 29 November 2005 at Bar Hill Church, Bar Hill from 7 -8.30pm. Members were encouraged to attend.

10.5     Library development days – invitation[28]


10.6     Comberton Village College invitation to participate in Citizenship Day[29]

Consideration was given to an invite to attend the Citizenship Day on Friday 18 November. Members were encouraged to attend.

10.7     CCC + Peterborough Waste Plan

            It was agreed to carry this item forward to the next meeting to allow the documentation to be circulated.

10.8     Postal problems

Recent problems with the Post Office were highlighted.  A letter posted on the 29 October was not received until the 9 November.  It was agreed to write a letter to Comberton Post Office stating that standards are not being adhered to.  A copy of the letter is to be sent to Royal Mail/Postwatch for information.

10.9     A request from residents in Swaynes Lane for a dog bin to be installed is to be considered when the budget is drafted.

Closure of meeting

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 10.33pm




Signed   …………………………………….  .Chairman   …………………date



1 Clerk’s Report

[3] Copies of Mr Wright’s correspondence regarding traffic calming in front of Comberton Village College on the B1046

[4] A reply from Ms Tindale, Planning Officer regarding Church Farmhouse

[5] A reply from Pat Matthews regarding maintenance works to Comberton Award Drains

[6] 2 emails from Cllr Baldwin dated 15 + 17 October regarding Meriden School Trees.

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