Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in

the Old Village Hall on Wednesday 3 August 2005 at 7.30pm


Members present:


Mr M Bennett

Dr B Burton

Mr D Charge

Mr A Hollick

Dr C Chambers

Mrs S Hyde

Dr J McCabe

Mrs D Morison

Mr R Rowlands

Dr H Roscoe

Miss C Westgarth (Chairman)

Mrs A Webb

In attendance: 4 members of the public and Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk).


1.         To approve apologies for absence

Mr A Bailey (ill). Mr R Rowlands (holiday).

2.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting including the confidential minutes on 13 July

On a proposition by Mr Bennett, seconded by Dr Roscoe the minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record after the following amendment:

·        Page 338 – correct spellings -  ‘lollipop’ and ‘Wakelin’

The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

On a proposition by Dr McCabe, seconded by Mr Bennett the confidential minutes were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

3.         To consider the letter from Sue Reynolds about the Barton Rd traffic calming and the interactive sign

A letter dated 18 July from Ms Reynolds[1] was considered which explained that the only modifications proposed to the scheme were kerbing works and therefore the interactive sign was still required.

On a proposition by Mr Bennett, seconded by Dr Roscoe it was agreed that Mrs Hyde, Mrs Morrison, Dr Roscoe and Mr Charge should meet with Ms Reynolds and Mr Lines to discuss this further. Cllr Baldwin is also to be invited to attend.

4.         Proposed recreation ground extension – to consider the reply from Bidwells

The letter from Mr Bryant dated 28 July agreeing to the inclusion of the words recreation use as long as all the other heads of terms remained unchanged was received with delight.

On a proposition by Mr Bennett, seconded by Dr McCabe it was unanimously agreed to proceed with the purchase of the proposed extension (excluding the access strip) and to instruct Mills & Reeve accordingly. It was further resolved so as not to delay matters that:

·        A cheque could  be issued for the deposit when required without the need for a further meeting

·        The transfer papers could be signed, when the Parish Council’s solicitor was satisfied, by the Chairman and one other member (countersigned by the Clerk) in accordance with standing orders.

·        A loan application be made to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for £15,000 to meet the current shortfall in funding for the project. Loan repayment term of five years.

·        The budget for FY2006-2010 inclusive to include an amount to cover the loan repayments for this project

·        EDF be contacted to reroute the overhead electricity cable

·        A planning application for change of use be made and a cheque for the fee be issued.

Dr Chambers arrived at this point in the meeting.

Mrs Webb left the meeting.

5.         Proposed new village hall – Lease and associated matters

An unsigned letter and supporting documents/evidence dated 28 July from Mr B Cook[2] received by email was considered.

At 8.15pm on a proposition by the Chairman, carried unopposed, in accordance with S1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 in view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, that is the Council considering legal advice from its solicitor the public were temporarily excluded from the meeting and were instructed to withdraw. The Clerk was invited to remain.


At 8.55pm the meeting was declared re-opened to the public. None returned to the meeting.


On a proposition by Dr Chambers, seconded by Dr Roscoe carried unanimously it was resolved that Comberton Parish Council:

·        Accept the advice of its solicitor as detailed in her letter (confidential)

·        Support the initiative to form a new charity (based on the ACRE trust model) to receive the Lease (HOT as agreed)

·        Appoint Dr Burton to join Mr Hollick on the VIT to support the Trustees. Dr Burton and Mr Hollick have the remit to proactively help and support the rest of the Trustees to establish, constitute and register the proposed new trust without delay in preparation for the new charity to receive the Agreement for Lease. They will also serve on the new Charity as the Parish Council’s representatives. They will work with the new Charity to draw up the business plan to satisfy 2b iv and be supported as appropriate by Dr Chambers and Mr Bennett between Council meetings

·        Has an expectation that the new Charity and outstanding conditions will be in place by the end of March 2006 if not sooner. If for what ever reason the proposed new charity is not formed in time, and to save jeopardising the project, if there is evidence that the conditions in 2b are satisfied the Parish Council would be pleased to issue the Agreement to Lease to the Village Institute Trustees.

·        Agree that the Lease, which ever body it is issued to, will be as per the Heads of Terms already agreed

·        Will not permit a loan secured against the property to be taken out

·        Require all the points in 2b have to be satisfied before the Agreement to Lease is issued and any work begun on the site.

·        (Whilst noting the letter from the Charity Commission dated 3 December 1999) should ask the Village Institute Trustees to write again to the Charity Commission with an update of the situation and seek assurance that everything continues to be in order, including assurance that monies can be passed from the Village Institute Charity to the proposed new Charity.

It was further resolved that:

·        A loan application be made to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for £60,000 (as first agreed on 8 January 2003). Loan repayment for a term of five years.

·        The budget for FY2006-2010 inclusive to include an amount to cover the loan repayments for this project.

·        The solicitor be instructed to proceed with the agreement to lease and site plan ready for its issue in the very near future as soon as the outstanding matters are in place.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.24pm



Signed   …………………………………………….……..Chairman   ……………………date

[1] Letter dated 18 July from Ms Reynolds – Barton Road Scheme and interactive sign

[2] Letter and supporting documents/evidence dated 28 July from Mr B Cook