Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in

the Old Village Hall on Wednesday 13 July 2005 at 7.30pm


Members present:


Mr M Bennett

Dr B Burton

Mr D Charge

Mr A Hollick

Dr C Chambers

Dr J McCabe,

Mr R Rowlands

Dr H Roscoe

Miss C Westgarth (Chairman)

Mrs A Webb

In attendance: Cllr S Harangozo, D Catlin, B Cook (Village Institute Trustees) and Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk).


1.         To approve apologies for absence

            Mrs S Hyde and Mrs D Morison (holiday), Mr A Bailey (hospital). Mr R Rowlands and Dr C Chambers had indicated that they would be late.

2.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting on 8 June

On a proposition by Mr Bennett, seconded by Mr Hollick the minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record after the following amendment:

·        Page 334, insert ‘Item 5’.

The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

On a proposition by Mr Bennett, seconded by Dr McCabe the confidential minutes were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

3.         Matters arising or carried forward from the meeting including

3.1       Youth Neighbourhood Watch – references

It was noted that references[1] had been received from both the Police and Whaddon Parish Council.  It was agreed to invite Mr Christopher Fisher to meet with Dr B Burton, Mr M Bennett and Mr Hollick to discuss the matter further who would bring a recommendation to the next meeting in September.

3.2       Interactive sign – email from Cllr Baldwin & Mr Mark Kemp.

The email from Cllr Baldwin[2] including text from Mark Kemp was noted and considered.  The following observations were made:

·        Point 1 – Incorrect - not ten years

·        Point 2 – S106 or S38 Agreement

·        Replies from S Reynolds are still outstanding.

3.3       (7.3). It was noted that the goals have been moved, moved back by the youths and then moved back again by the grounds man.   It was also noted a quote has been received from universal fencing to replace the tennis court fencing and that further quotation might be needed depending on the cost.

4.         County Councillor and District Councillor reports

4.1       County Councilor

Not present.

4.2       District Councilor

Thanks were expressed to Dr Roscoe for attending the Area Joint Committee meeting.  Cllr Harangozo reported on the meeting that had taken place with the Housing Needs Officer to discuss the needs of Comberton Residents. It was noted that Comberton Residents can not afford the ‘affordable’ part ownership housing even at 25% equity share.  It was agreed that Cllr Harangozo would arrange a meeting with the Housing Officer and that it would be open to all interested parishioners.

A letter is to be sent to South Cambs District Council expressing concerns at the suggestion to take administration of social housing away from the District Council.

5.         Parish Plan

5.1       Safer Routes to School Scheme – email from Claire O’Neil[3]

The e-mail from Claire O’Neil was noted.  PPIC + Transport Group are to try to put together a scheme to address problems near School/Barton Road.  It was noted that when the situation was reviewed a few years ago Comberton did not meet the criteria to have a Crossing Person (Lolly Pop Person)  It was also noted that since then the traffic increased.   It was agreed to write again to request a crossing person.

6.         Finance

6.1       To receive the financial report[4] and to approve the payment of bills

The financial report was received and considered. On a proposition by Dr H Roscoe, seconded by Dr J McCabe it was agreed that the payments as listed in the financial report should be paid.

SCDC (Rates)


SCDC (Rates August)


MD Landscapes (Grass cutting)


Kiddie Fire Protection Services (Pavilion alarm)


N Gristwood (Groundsman)


LG Stoehr (Salary)


LG Stoehr (Salary August)


LGS Services (Admin support & expenses)


N Gristwood (Groundsman August)




·        That the Chairman had gone out at 10.30pm to let in the alarm contractor after repeated problems during the day.

·        The receipt of £449.73 recycling credits into the general fund

·        The possibility of a grant from the District Council for car park works required by the Disability Discrimination Act..

·        Problems with people leaving plastic lids near the recycling banks. It was agreed to install a bin nearby if the lids could be collected to raise funds for Charity.

6.1.1    Connections bus.

The report and request for a donation towards the Connections Bus summer[5] visits was received and considered. On a proposition by Dr McCabe, seconded by Mr Charge it was agreed to make a contribution of £150.

It was noted that the Football Club are no longer holding meetings in the Pavilion since the incident with the Connections Bus. Complaints regarding members of the Club swearing during games were also noted.  It was agreed that a warning should be sent to Comberton Football Club about the use of foul language and requesting a copy of their code of conduct and suggesting that if they haven’t already included it ‘language’ should be included.

7.         To receive reports and consider recommendations contained in the reports

7.1       Planning[6]

To be added when received.

7.2       Village Hall representative and Steering Group representatives

Village Institute Trustees Mr Derek Catlin and Mr Brian Cook were welcomed to the meeting. A letter from Mr Catlin on behalf of Comberton Institute Trustees regarding the proposed lease[7] was considered.



·        Mr Catlin’s contribution in unravelling and sorting out the matters with the Charity Commission

·        The proposed Village Hall is 268m2 and will cost £230k.  The exact figures will not be known until the tenders are opened later this month.

·        The suggestion that a new Trust is formed with the remit to accept the Lease and draw up a new business plan by the end of the year.

·        Mr Catin suggested the ACRE Model Trust and asked that the Parish Council considered again the ACRE Model Lease.

·        The following evidence in response to the Parish Council’s letter of 10th February 2005 was provided;

·        Planning Permission,

·        Letter from Charity Commission dated 1999

·        The Institute Trustees had given their intention/guarantee for funding

·        The Business Plan which formed part of the Lottery Bid was now outdated and it was planned that the new Trustees would develop this.

·        The funding forecast (and supporting notes) – some of the table headings did not appear to be correct and Mr Catlin was asked to check this.

Mr A Hollick proposed that the Parish Council grant the 40 year lease. This was not seconded.

Mr Bennett proposed, seconded by Dr Roscoe that the Parish Council requests feedback from Mills & Reeves Solicitors based on information in the letter dated 10/07 and that the Parish Council reconvenes on Wednesday 3 August 2005 to consider this advice. The vote was recorded as 8 in favour and 1 abstaining.

It was noted that the website should be updated by the VHSG on the new hall’s progress.

 8.        To consider matters arising out of correspondence/communications received including

8.1       Redevelopment of Papworth Hospital

            Mr R Rowlands declared an interest in this item and left the meeting while the matter was discussed.  The public consultation document titled ‘Building for our Future’[8] is to be carried forward to the next meeting.

8.2              Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Scheme[9]

On a proposition by Dr Roscoe seconded by Miss C Westgarth it was agreed to bid for works to replace the Safer Routes to School Scheme. It was agreed to contribute £1 per elector if the bid is successful.

8.3              Memorial site[10]

An email from Ms Waklelin was received and considered.On a proposition by Miss Westgarth seconded by Dr McCabe it was agreed that the Groundsman should take over the maintenance of the site and that a letter of thanks be sent to Ms Wakelin and Mr Winney for their tremendous amount of work over the years.

It was noted that it was difficult reading the memorial plaque because the letters were filling with dirt etc and agreed to ask Mr Q Hollick if he would kindly take a look and see what could be done.

Dr Chambers arrived at this point in the meeting.

8.4       South Cambridgeshire Local Development Framework[11]

The recommendation from the Planning Committee was considered. On a proposition by Miss C Westgarth, seconded by Mr. M Bennett it was agreed to support;

·        The Green Belt

·        Group Village designation

·        The Protective Frontage

·        Extended Conservation Area all through Green End (all Listed Buildings in Green End).

·        The Recreational Needs Study which indicated a lack of recreational provision in the village.

It was agreed that Dr Roscoe, and Miss Westgarth with assistance from the Clerk would draft the Council’s detailed representations.

8.5       A letter from the Secretary of W[12]I requesting permission for the WI to hold a cake stall    on the pond area was received and considered.   It was agreed to put in Contact.  It was noted that the Parish Council welcomes the WI’s request.

10.       Urgent matters brought forward with the Chairman’s consent

It was agreed to drop this item from future agendas.

9.         Recreation ground extension

At 9.35pm on a proposition by the Chairman, carried unopposed, in accordance with S1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 in view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, that is negotiations for land acquisition the public were temporarily excluded from the meeting and were instructed to withdraw. The Clerk and Cllr Harangozo were invited to remain.

At 10.21pm the meeting was declared re-opened to the public. None returned to the meeting.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 10.22pm



Signed   …………………………………………….……..Chairman   ……………………date



[1] Youth Neighbourhood Watch references

[2] Email from Cllr Baldwin

[3] Safer Routes to School Scheme – email from Claire O’Neil

[4] Financial report

[5] Report and request for a donation towards the Connections Bus summer visits

[6] Planning report

[7] Letter from Mr Catlin on behalf of Comberton Institute Trustees regarding the proposed lease

[8] ‘Building for our Future’ Papworth Hospital consultation

[9] Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Scheme

[10] Memorial site

[11] South Cambridgeshire Local Development Framework

[12] WI requesting permission for the WI to hold a cake stall