Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in

the Old Village Hall on Wednesday 9 June 2004 at 7.30pm


Members present:


Mr A Bailey

Mr M Bennett

Dr C Chambers

Mr D Charge

Mr A Hollick


Dr F Hughes

Dr J McCabe

Mrs D Morison

Mrs A Webb

Miss C Westgarth (Chairman)

In attendance: District Councillor S Harangozo, Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk) and 4 members of the public.


1.            Apologies for absence

Mrs S Brookfield, Mr R Rowlands, Dr H Roscoe and County Councillor R Martlew.

2.         To approve the minutes of the last meeting on 12 May 2004 and the confidential minutes

On a proposition by Mr Bennett seconded by Dr McCabe, both sets of minutes were approved as a true record and were signed by the Chairman following two amendments in the main meeting minutes:

·       item 1.3.4 Tree Group Terms of Reference to read ‘trees, hedging and the environment.’

·       1.3.7 to read Mrs Pauline Wright’

3.            Matters arising from the meeting to note

3.1       (4.2) Long Road allotments update

A letter from Mr M Winney, Secretary to the Allotments Society(1) was noted which gave details of the water meter usage and confirming that there had not been any sign of leakage. It was agreed to go back to Mr Scott and ask again if he was willing to help with the ditch work to the northern boundary.

4.            Matters carried forward from the last meeting for discussion/decision

4.1       (10.2) Webster Associates – land off Milner Road – S106 Agreement

It was noted that no reply as yet had been received to the Council’s letter and agreed that this matter should be carried forward to the next meeting.

4.2       (11.1)            ‘Contact’

It was noted that no one had as yet formally volunteered to take on the role of Editor. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Contact Treasurer encouraging the team to try to keep the newsletter going perhaps by buying in professional support in the short term.

4.3       (5.3) Topham and Banks – recreation ground extension

It was noted that no reply had been received from Messrs Topham and Banks. Another letter reiterating the Council’s letter is to be sent giving them until the end of the month to reply.

4.4       (5.1) To consider the quotations for the installation of a white post and rail fence in Swaynes Lane

It was agreed to carry this matter forward to the next meeting.

5.            County Councillor and District Councillor reports

Nothing to note.

6.         Parish Plan(2)

The Committee’s report was received and considered. It was noted that:

·       The tennis courts were now available for pay and play and that coaching was being arranged. The tennis hut had still not been removed and as it was now being vandalised a letter is to be sent asking the Club to remove without further delay or provide insurance cover. Alternatively the Council would remove and invoice.

·       In response to complaints regarding noise from car radios on the recreation ground laminated notices had been put up.

·       All the funding for the skateboard park was now in place and the work was due to start shortly.

·       A meeting had taken place with the Meridian school regarding the boundary issues and safety and security at the school and that the Chairman of Governors were looking into various options.

7.            Finance

7.1       To receive the financial report and to approve the payment of bills appended 1 to these minutes)

The invoices and bank statements were checked by the Financial Overseer. On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Morison, the expenditure as listed in the financial report and monthly financial statement were approved:

SCDC (rates)


Coulson Building Group (pavilion light)


Playground Management (ROSPA report)


Powergen (pavilion electricity)


N Gristwood (groundsman)


Nutralite Leisure (skateboard park)


LG Stoehr (salary)


LGS Services (expenses)


Inland Revenue (PAYE)


LGS Services (3x months clerking PPIC)


7.1.1    Given the ongoing bank problems with the signatories and the higher rate of interest offered, on a proposition by Dr Chambers, seconded by Mr Rowlands it was resolved to open an account with Alliance and Leicester and once in place close the Lloyds Bank account. It was further resolved that the signatories should be Miss Westgarth, Dr McCabe, Mrs Morison, Mrs Webb, Dr Chambers and Mr Bennett.

7.2       To receive the Internal Auditors report and complete section 2 Statement of Assurance for FY ending 2004 on the Annual Return

Mrs Wright’s completed report and accompanying letter that indicated that everything was in order was received and considered. It was noted with some disappointment that the section ‘additional risks identified by the Council had not been completed’ and that Section F was marked as ‘yes’ when there was in fact no petty cash in operation.

On a proposition by the Chairman, seconded by Dr Chambers it was resolved to complete ‘yes’ in all sections of the Statement of Assurance and the form was then signed by the Chairman.

7.3       Internal Financial Controls and Risk Assessment

The draft policy(3) written by the RFO was received and considered. It was noted that much of the policy already was in place. It was agreed that the RFO and Dr Chambers would consider the depth of the policy further in particular the human resources and time implications and bring a recommendation to a future meeting.

8.         To receive reports and consider recommendations contained in the reports

The following reports were all taken as read.

8.1            Planning(4)

8.2       Village Hall representative and Steering Group representatives(5)

8.3       Tree Group(6)

8.4            Governor’s(7)

9.         To consider matters arising out of correspondence/communications received since the last meeting

9.1            ROSPA Report

It was noted that Groundsman was undertaking the smaller works identified in the report. There were no items of high risk.

9.2       Letter from Kingston Parish Council – RPG14 18000 additional homes in South Cambridgeshire

On a proposition by the Chairman, seconded by Dr McCabe it was agreed that Comberton Parish Council wholeheartedly supported the letter of opposing the increase in housing being proposed by Kingston Parish Council being sent to the Deputy Prime Minister.

10.       Urgent matters brought forward with the Chairman’s consent

Concern was expressed that the contractor had been seen by residents cutting the grass around the play area whilst children were playing in the area and also that they had been seen cutting the verges without due care for residents. It was agreed that a complaint should be made.


There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9pm.



Signed ……………………………Chairman    ……………………date.