Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Old Village Hall
on Wednesday 10 April 2002

Members present:


Mr R Abraham

Mr M Bennett.

Mrs R Bratt

Mrs S Hyde

Mr R James

Mrs D Morison

Mr C Pettit

Mr G Saunders

Ms J Wakelin

Mr W Watts

Miss C Westgarth.

Dr M Wright (Chairman)

In attendance: Lesley Hall, the County Council's Road Safety Officer with responsibility for publicity, 3 members of the public and Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk).

1. Apologies

Dr J McCabe (holiday) and District Councillor S Harangozo, County Councillor R Martlew,

2. To approve the minutes of 13 March

On a proposition by Ms Wakelin, seconded by Mrs Bratt the minutes were approved as a true record. The Chair signed the minutes.

3. Matters arising from the meeting

3.1 (5.1) Make the Commitment

The Chairman welcomed Ms Hall to the meeting. Ms Hall outlined the current campaign and explained that it was aimed at raising awareness and reducing speeding in the village. It is planned to involve local nurseries and schools with a poster competition and the Village College and Community Beat Officer will be helping carry out speed checks. All households in the village will shortly receive more information with an invitation to 'Make the Commitment'

3.2 (6) Comberton Village Memorial

The Chairman reported that the site visit had taken place, approval had been given for the next stage and the cheque for £6,000 paid to the Artist. The total cost of the Memorial is to be the full £10,000. Anglia Water and Cambridge Fire Services had agreed to move the hydrant and marker posts and it was agreed that Clive Orme should be asked to cut the grass before the Memorial is installed.

3.3 (6.2) Skateboard facility sponsorship

The Chairman reported that both he and the clerk had met with Dr Hughes and that a grant application had been submitted to the District Council. He also outlined a suggestion to assist the children raise funds towards the proposed skateboard facility. On a proposition by Mr Abraham, seconded by Mrs Hyde it was agreed that the Parish Council sponsor the children £40 per month for each month between 1 May to the end of September that they keep the recreation ground litter free (total £200).

3.4 Tennis court fencing

The Clerk reported that she had contacted fourteen fencing contractors but that only one quotation had been returned. On a proposition by Mr James, seconded by Mrs Bratt the quotation from Universal fencing for £1306.92 was approved.

4. Finance

4.1 To receive the financial report and to approve the payment of bills(appended 1 to these minutes)

On a proposition by Mr Saunders, seconded by Mr Abraham, the expenditure as listed in the financial report and monthly financial statement plus M Wright £13 (Chairman's allowance) and C Orme £164.64 (asset maintenance and grasscutting), was unanimously approved.

4.2 It was noted that an increased County Council grass cutting grant had been received to enable an verges extra cut this year. On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Ms Wakelin it was agreed to contract Herald Contracting Services for an extra cut.

4.3 Concern was expressed at the quality of the recent verge's cut and it was agreed that Mr Abraham should take a look and speak with Herald as necessary.

4.4 It was agreed that a request for financial support for Contact should be an agenda item for the next meeting.

4.5 On a proposition by the Chairman it was agreed that the Chairman should purchase some wine for Mr Hardy to an approximate value of £30-40 in gratitude for his designing the village map.

5. Reports

5.1 To consider matters from circulated reports

Parish Plan Steering Committee(reports 2)

Mr Bennett reported on the recent successful public meeting; the formation of groups to steer the project through the next stage of the project within the agreed themes and the proposed structure of the final plan.

5.2 County Councillor

No report. Councillor Martlew is to be asked to bring a report about the new streetlights to the next meeting.

5.3 District Councillor

No report.

5.4 Planning update(1)

Mrs Bratt reported on the applications considered at the Planning Committee meeting just prior to this meeting and provided a brief update which included applications considered just prior to the meeting including 8 St Thomas Close, 26 Fox's Way, 79 Barrons Way and 72 West Street.

Mr Watts reported that he had approved a tree work application for The Three Horseshoes. A tree preservation order for a walnut tree in Swaynes Lane was noted.

6. Recreation ground matters including

6.1 Pavilion management

6.2 Draft priority agreement for Sports Clubs and

6.3 To consider the commissioning of a formal management study on the recreation ground and pavilion were taken together.

The Clerk was asked to contact other parishes with recreation grounds and pavilions and report on how they managed both these areas. It was agreed to carry these agenda items forward to the next meeting until more information was to hand.

6.4 Play equipment inspection and letter from Mrs Sims

Mrs Sims letter of concern regarding the play equipment offering to paint the play equipment was considered. On a proposition by Mr Abraham, seconded by Mr James it was agreed to re-consider and accept Mrs Sims kind offer once the RoSPA report had been received. It was noted that the centre swing had been removed as recommended by legislation prohibiting three swings on a frame.

It was noted that the lower straining wire on the path from the recreation ground to Green End was broken. It was agreed that Clive Orme should be asked to take a look and carry out any necessary repair.

Mr Abraham reported that he had reported graffiti on the play equipment and on the Meridian School playground to the Police.

7. Village Hall

7.1 Steering Committee report(3)

Dr McCabe's report was received and considered in her absence.

7.2 Request for payment of architect's fees

On a proposition by Ms Wakelin, seconded by Mrs Hyde it was agreed that the Parish Council would release funds from the £2,000 allocated to the Village Hall budget to cover the cost of the architect's draft plans if the Council's standing orders on finances were observed.

7.3 Quotations for the disability work

The Clerk reported that she had met with three builders and one architect Mr James declared an interest in this item and withdrew from the discussion and decision. Coulson's had kindly provided a copy of the building regulations and indicated that the following work would be required and an estimated figure, before a detailed specification was drawn up was £10,000:

It was also possible that a hearing loop may have to be installed and the electric switches might have to be lowered.

On a proposition by Mr Abraham, seconded by Mrs Bratt it was agreed that Mr Abraham would draft the specification and that the Clerk would put it out to open tender.

7.4 Village Hall representative report

Mrs Bratt's report(4) was received and considered. A letter from Mr Fisher informing the Parish Council that the Management Committee had agreed to rescind its previous decision to terminate the Lease and would now continue to manage the hall after December 2002 was also received and noted.

It was noted that the report mentioned that the heating system needs some work and the Clerk was asked to look at the Lease and see who is responsible for any work to the heating system and report to the next meeting.

It was noted that Mr Alastair Gadney had been appointed as the new Chairman of the Steering Committee and that he had asked for clarification on the committee's terms of reference and reporting. The Clerk advised that the Steering Committee had been set up as a committee of the Trustees and that it was the Trustees responsibility for any terms of reference. It was agreed that the Clerk should write and explain this to Mr Gadney. Mr Fisher was invited by the Chairman to address the meeting and he reported that the Charity Commissioners had advised that a new trust would need to be set up for the proposed new village hall. It was agreed that the Chairman and Mr Fisher should meet with Mr Gadney to discuss this further.

8. Cambridge Structure Plan

On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Ms Wakelin it was agreed that the Parish Council respond to the Structure Plan consultation supporting policies on bio-diversity and countryside enhancement; landscaping; building and design; flooding and drainage; improving paths, protecting the green belt and parish councils being consulted on planning issues.

9. S106 Hubert Leach Development, Barton Road

The Clerk reported on that Chris Taylor had received a letter from Leech Homes requesting that the public open space and tree belts on the site be maintained by a private management company. On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Mrs Morison it was agreed that a letter be sent to Chris Taylor saying that the Council wishes to proceed with the Agreement without further delay.

10. Queens Jubilee

It was reported that there had been disappointing support from the village and village groups to co-ordinate the Jubilee activities. However a 'Picnic in the Park' with live music and possibly a balloon race is to take place. It was also hoped that there would be fireworks to mark the event and that a letter is to be sent to village businesses to seek their support with the funding.

The plans for a 'sensory garden' to commemorate the Jubilee is well underway and consultation letters have been sent out to residents over-looking the proposed site in Harbour Way. The Council had been notified that it had been successful in its grant application to Awards for All and that it is to received £5,000.

A letter from a resident in The Valley requesting permission to hold a local street party and bouncy castle was considered. This was agreed with the proviso that any necessary licences and insurance are obtained.

11. Traffic calming Barton Road

The Chairman reported his discussion with Pat Matthews, the District Council's Land Drainage Manager and the outstanding consent for drain piping by the Environment Agency. It was agreed to carry this matter forward to the next meeting to allow more time for discussion.

12. Annual Parish Meeting

Reports are required as follows:

Focus Group - Miss Westgarth

Parish Plan - Mr Bennett

Planning and Village Hall - Mrs Bratt

Mr James - CALC and Quality Councils

Tree Report - Mr Watts

Recreation Ground - Messrs Abraham, Saunders and Pettit

Neighbourhood Watch - Mrs Hyde

Countryside Watch - Ms Wakelin

Mobile Warden Scheme and New Village Hall Steering Committee - Dr McCabe

School Governor's report - Mrs Morison

13. To consider matters arising out of correspondence received since the last meeting including

13.1 A parishioner's telephone call reporting damage to the electricity sub-station in Fox's Way by young children was noted. The matter had been reported to Eastern Energy and is to be reported to the Police.

13.2 A letter from the County Council informing that Bush Close is to be slurry sealed within the next couple of months was noted.

13.3 A request from the lady at the shop for a duck warning sign is to be carried forward to the next meeting.

14. Urgent matters brought forward with the Chairman's consent

Nothing urgent other matters will be taken at the next meeting.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.55pm.


Signed ……………………………Chairman ……………………date.