Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Old Village Hall
on Wednesday 14 November 2001

Members present:


Mr R Abraham

Mr M Bennett

Mrs R Bratt

Mr R James

Dr J McCabe

Ms J Wakelin

Mr W Watts

Miss C Westgarth

Dr M Wright (Chairman)

In attendance: District Councillor S Harangozo, County Councillor R Martlew and Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk).

  1. Apologies
    Mrs D Morison (concert), Mr G Saunders (airport), Mr C Pettit (work).

2. To approve the minutes of the previous meeting on 10 October

On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Bratt the minutes were approved as a true record with the following amendments: items 4.2 and 7 to show Mr Watts not Went and item 6.5 to show It was not I was. The Chairman then signed the minutes.

3. Matters arising from the meeting including

3.1 SMP Youth shelter and basket ball arena

The reports by the Recreation Ground Committee(report1) and Miss Westgarth(2) were considered by the meeting. On a proposition by Ms Wakelin, seconded by Mrs Bratt it was agreed that the Recreation Ground Committee should look at the feasibility of moving the garage to enable all three proposed youth facilities to be sited along the northern boundary of the recreation ground.

3.2 Skateboard park - information from the District Council regarding their sports grants

Jane Lampshire, Sports Officer had advised that to be eligible for their grant for a skateboard park the landowner or lessor must apply. On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Miss Westgarth it was agreed that if necessary the Parish Council would include the skateboard facility in its application to the District Council for a youth facilities grant.

3.3 Youth Council/Forum

Consideration was given to enabling a representative from every youth group in the village and the possible employment of a youth worker to facilitate the first few youth meetings. On a proposition by Mr Bennett, seconded by Mr James it was agreed that a special meeting of the Focus Group be convened which is open to all members of the Council also to attend. The Group is to look both at youth facilities and the terms of reference for a youth council/forum and bring a firm recommendation back to a future Parish Council meeting. A special invitation to attend is to be extended to Sue Lester, Diana Cook and Stephen Munday.

3.4 Christmas tree and lights

Dr Wright reported that as Parish Council had been unable to accept the offer of a donated rooted tree he would like to propose that Parish Council accept Mr Turnbull's kind offer to illuminate a tree sited in the corner in his garden, overhanging the pond area, using his electricity and that the Parish Council purchase Christmas lights costing approximately 100 for the tree. This proposal was seconded by Dr McCabe and carried unanimously.

3.5 Assets review

Miss Westgarth reported that three members and the Clerk had attended the assets review and that a report would be submitted to the next meeting. It was noted that both the notice board and parish pump would have to be protected if and when work commenced on the newsagents.

3.6 Police

The Chairman reported that Inspector Howell had contacted him regarding the outstanding Community Beat Officer (CBO) vacancy. It was hoped that if the scheduled interviews were successful a new CBO should start in early December. It was agreed that the CBO should be invited to attend the first meeting following his/her appointment.
It was agreed to carry 'Community Warden' forward until more information was to hand.

4. Finance

4.1 To receive the financial report and to approve expenditure(appended 1 to these minutes)

On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Miss Westgarth the expenditure as listed in the financial report and monthly financial statement plus

95.05 Ringway Highway Services (dog posts)

101.05 (alarm repair) was approved unanimously.

4.2 To consider provisional items for the Budget 2002 - 2003 including a request from the PCC for a grant(3)

It was agreed that members would contact the Clerk before the next meeting to allow a budget to be drafted and presented to the next meeting.

In response to the letter from the Parochial Church Council for an increased grant to assist with churchyard maintenance a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Miss Westgarth a payment of 750 for the forthcoming financial year was approved.

4.3 To consider and approve the grasscutting/village maintenance tender specifications 2002-5(4)

On a proposition by Mr Abraham, seconded by Mrs Bratt the tender specification as drafted by the Clerk was approved and it was agreed that the tender details for Parish Council owned paths requiring maintenance be brought to the next meeting for approval.

5. Comberton flooding

The recent flooding in both Barton Road and Swaynes Lane (photo 1) and the damage to property was considered. On a proposition it was agreed that a letter be sent to Anglia Water regarding both the lack of drainage and the problems with sewerage coming up in both some houses and also in the streets.

It was agreed that consideration be given at the next meeting to an emergency planning team.

6. Village hall - to consider the letter from the Village Hall Management Committee(5)

The proposal by Ms Wakelin, seconded by Mrs Bratt, carried unopposed, that the Parish Council send the letter as drafted by the Chairman in consultation with Teresa Jones in reply to the letter, dated 22 October, received from the Management Committee.
At 9.02pm the Chairman proposed that the meeting be briefly adjourned to allow public participation. He reopened the meeting at 9.03pm.

7. To consider the recommendation that the tree on the green outside 50-56 Harbour Avenue be removed at a cost of 90

The proposal by Mr Watts, seconded by Mrs Bratt that the tree on the green outside 50-56 Harbour Avenue be removed by Peter Oakes for the sum of 90 and that at a later date a replacement memorial tree be planted was carried with 6 votes in favour, 1 vote against and 2 abstentions.

Mr Watts reported on the recent tree application for Ponder End for tree removal in a conservation area and the removal of the trees before permission had been granted. On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Ms Wakelin the Parish Council supported the Tree Warden's recommendation that the District Council prosecute the resident for unauthorised removal of trees in a conservation area.

Dissatisfaction was expressed that the contract by Eastern Tree Surgery for the removal of trees had still not been fully completed. The proposal by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Mr Abraham that notice be given to the contractor that if the work is not satisfactorily completed by the end of the month Peter Oakes will be contracted to complete the works was carried unanimously.

8. S106 Agreement Hubert Leech development Barton Road

The report, advice from Herald and Eastern Tree Surgery and Ms Hay's landscaping strategy(6)were considered by the meeting. The proposal by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Ms Wakelin, that Hubert Leech be asked to provide an establishment fund to cover the prospective cost of maintaining the areas of 9,000 multiplied by 15 years that is 110,000 having taken some account interest rates and inflation was carried unanimously.

The proposal by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Miss Westgarth that the Parish Council should opt for a commuted sum of 18,500 to be paid by Hubert C Leech instead of providing the fencing, ground matting and equipment was carried unanimously.

The proposal by Ms Wakelin, seconded by Dr McCabe that the Parish Council contract Mills and Reeve Solicitors in connection with the preparation of the S106 Agreement their fee being paid by Hubert Leech Ltd as set out in Section 9 of the Agreement.

9. Focus Group - additional litter bins

The Chairman reported on the offer from Westside Joinery to supply the village with extra litter bins at a reduced price. On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Mr James it was agreed that seven bins including liners and fitting at 200 each be included in the draft budget for 2002-3.

10. Reports - to consider matters arising from circulated reports

Reports from the Planning Committee(7), Comberton Parish Plan(8), Focus Group(9) and Minor Authorities Governor(10) were received by the meeting.

10.1 County Councillor
Councillor Martlew's report(11) was received by the meeting.

10.2 District Councillor

Councillor Harangozo's report was received by the meeting.

10.3 Chairman

There was agreement that consideration should be given to an outside speaker to encourage a greater attendance at the Annual Parish Meeting and that the date could be moved to May to allow the previous year's approved accounts to be presented to the meeting.

11. To consider matters arising out of correspondence received since the last meeting

11.1 Street trading consent change from Mr Dutton
The proposal by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Miss Westgarth that the Parish Council approve the application by Mr Teksin of Teversham to trade in Green End instead of Mr Dutton, under the same terms and conditions, was carried unopposed.

11.2 Hardwick to Coton cycleway
In response to the consultation on the proposed cycleway the proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Bratt, that the Parish Council support the cycleway asking that consideration be given to some lighting at the junction of Long Rd and St Neots Rd because it is so dark, thus benefiting drivers, pedestrians and cyclists was carried unanimously.

12. Urgent matters brought forward with the Chairman's consent

It was agreed that Miss Westgarth should arrange a public open meeting to consider both the commemoration and celebration of the Queen's jubilee and that a recommendation be brought to a future meeting of the Council.

The Clerk reminded members of the scheduled CALC training session at 7pm on Thursday 29 November in the New Village Hall.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.50pm.