Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Old Village Hall
on Wednesday 10 October 2001

Members present:


Mr R Abraham

Mr M Bennett

Mrs R Bratt

Mrs S Hyde.

Mr R James

Dr J McCabe,

Mrs D Morison

Mr C Pettit

Mr G Saunders

Mr W Watts

Miss C Westgarth

Dr M Wright (Chairman)

In attendance: District Councillor S Harangozo, County Councillor R Martlew and Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk) and by special invitation Mrs S. Lester and Mrs D. Cook from South Cambridgeshire Youth Participation Partnership (SCYPP).

  1. Apologies
    Ms J Wakelin (work)

2. To approve the minutes of the previous meeting on 12 September

On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Bratt the minutes were approved as a true record. The Chairman then signed the minutes.

3. SCYPP/Youth Council

The Chairman welcomed Sue Lester and Diana Cook to the meeting and there was a discussion on the formation and running of 'Youth Forums'. and their interaction with the Parish Council. On a proposition by the Chairman it was agreed that the information pack presented to the meeting should be circulated to enable decisions relating to the starting and running of a youth forum to be reached at the next meeting.

Mrs Cook offered to be the point of contact regarding any further discussions on a youth shelter, if the children were difficult to contact.

4. Matters arising from the meeting including

4.1 Length of meetings

Numerous reasons were considered for why the meetings tended to exceed 2.5 hours. It was noted that:

 4.2 New Village Hall Steering Committee representative

Mrs Bratt reported that the Trustees had agreed to set up a steering committee. On a proposition by Mr Watts, seconded by Mrs Bratt, Miss Westgarth was elected the Parish Council's other representative on the new village hall steering committee.

4.3 Litter picker terms and conditions

Following the recent review of recreation ground litter on a proposition by Mr Abraham, seconded by Mr James carried unopposed, it was agreed that Mrs Watson should be offered a new contract including the collection of litter on the recreation ground for 2hours per week in the winter and 3 hours per week in the summer, the hourly rate to remain unchanged. It was also agreed that if Mrs Watson thought that there was more litter requiring attention the Clerk is delegated to approve a further 1 hour per week. Additionally this would be monitored by the recreation ground Committee with a recommendation to be brought to the Parish Council in three months time.

4.4 S106 Agreement - Hubert Leech development, Barton Road update

Mrs Bratt reported that advice had now been received from both advisory companies and that the Planning Committee would schedule a meeting to consider a recommendation to the next meeting.

4.5 Eastern border of Harbour Avenue and other hedging/streetlights

On a proposition by the Chairman it was agreed that a letter be sent to the LEA asking them to trim the two large oaks on the path alongside the Meridian Primary School (near to streetlight CCC10) and that the Parish Council ask a contractor to trim the hedging clear of the light.

In response to the letter from Mr Jones regarding various trees and footpaths in the village Councillor Martlew was asked to draw these to the attention of the Highway Division.

Mike Cooper, Highways Supervisor had asked that an article regarding cars parking on footpaths in residential areas. This was agreed but it was also noted that the dustbin wagon was responsible for some of the damage to pavement in St Thomas Close and that photographic evidence should be gathered if possible.

In response to the letter from the resident in Baron Way it was agreed not to set a precedence by making financial contributions towards privately owned trees.

4.6 Christmas tree donation

Peter Oakes had advised against a rooted tree being transplanted near the pond. Mrs Longuet-Higgins had also offered a tree for the Spar Shop. It was agreed that the Chairman should bring a firm proposal regarding the cost of lights and other related issues to the next meeting.

4.7 Skateboard park

Following consideration of the letter from Dr Hughes regarding the Skateboard Park on a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Mr Abraham it was agreed that a letter be sent in reply reiterating the Council's previous decision.

4.8 The Assets review was scheduled for 10am on Saturday 10 November meeting at the pond.

5. To receive the financial report , budget review and to approve expenditure(appended 1&2 to these minutes)

The Clerk reported on the Council's expenditure against budget headings for the first six months.

On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Mrs Morison the expenditure as listed in the financial report and monthly financial statement plus

£587.50 Herald Contract Services (grasscutting)

£247 C Orme (car park, planting, grasscutting etc)

£81.75 Spalding Bulbs (bulbs and plants) was approved unanimously.

It was noted that the pavilion alarm had been repaired as a matter of urgency.

6. To receive reports from

6.1 County Councillor

Councillor Martlew reported that the white line marking outside 27 Fox's Way should take place shortly and also that Childerley Gate had been dropped as a proposed site for the new town. He urged members to read 'Prospect'.

6.2 District Councillor

Councillor Harangozo reported that a can bank for the recreation ground would cost the Parish Council and it was therefore decided not to proceed; on the relocation of the District Council to Cambourne and on the District Council's role in the consideration of the proposed new town.

6.3 Planning Committee Report(3)

The report was received and noted by the meeting. Two tree applications are to be considered by the Tree Warden.

6.4 Village Hall representative(4)

Mrs Bratt's report was received and considered by the meeting. Following on from the last meeting the Clerk reported that the hall's car park was to be marked using equipment and paint supplied free of charge by the County Council.

6.5 Neighbourhood Watch and Countryside Watch

In response to the letter of concern from Mrs Julie Caine, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and the report from Mrs Hyde regarding the lack of a Community Beat Officer for Comberton following the transfer of PC Hilton the proposal by Mrs Hyde, seconded by Mr James that a letter of complaint be sent to Mr Lansley MP, and Mr Gunn, Chief Constable was carried unanimously.

Mrs Hyde also reported that Countryside Watch continued to communicate excellently.

It was agreed that the feasibility of a village warden be considered at the next meeting.

6.6 Tree Group

On a proposition by Mrs Morison, seconded by Mr Watts approval was given to the Tree Group and Clerk securing a contractor to carry out the tree work identified in the 12th May report plus the removal of tree no. 89 near the tennis courts.

It was noted that Eastern Tree Surgery still had to remove the tree near the children's slide and had as yet not ground out the roots on the trees removed in September.

6.7 Recreation ground

It was noted that the potholes had been filled by Mr Orme.

6.8 Village Action Plan

Mr Bennett thanked all parish council volunteers and on his proposition, seconded by Miss Westgarth it was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to all non council volunteers and to the Three Horseshoes and Mr Patel who had donated the prizes. Approximately 650 questionnaires (75+%) had been completed which is a very high return. The contract for the data imput had been given to LGS Services and the quote was within the agreed budget.

Mr Bennett reported that the next stage was to seek graphic designers and volunteers to assist with the presentation of the report.

6.9 Chairman

The Chairman reported on: the commencement tomorrow of the traffic calming outside the Village College; the installation of the first village map on the side of the bus shelter near the pond; the progress of the oak posts installation; and the letter of concern from the Churchwardens to the County Council regarding the Causeway; and his treatment of weeds on the Causeway.

7. War memorial, to approve the location

Consideration was given to reasons both for and against both the Barton Road/Swaynes Lane and South Street/Swaynes Lane sites. Additionally the pond as a location for the memorial was again discussed both at the request of members and in response to a letter received from the Royal British Legion.

The proposal by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Mrs Morison that the village memorial be erected at the Barton Road/Swaynes Lane site was subject to an amendment by Mr James, seconded by Mr Watts that the memorial should be located at the village pond.

The results of the voting for the pond as the location was 3 votes in favour and nine votes against. Mr Watts asked that his vote in favour of the pond location be formally recorded.

The results of the vote for Barton Road/Swaynes Lane was 9 in favour and 3 against, the motion therefore being carried.

At 9.05pm the Chairman proposed the meeting be temporarily adjourned to allow Mr Dickinson from The Royal British Legion to put to the meeting the Legions point of view. The Chairman declared the meeting open again at 9.13pm.

On a proposition by Mr Bennett, seconded by Mrs Bratt it was agreed that a letter be sent to Mr Addy, Secretary of the Comberton Branch of the Royal British Legion explaining that the focus of the memorial had perhaps become slightly changed since its conception when it was proposed as a contemporary memorial to allow a place for quiet contemplation for every person in the village who had lost a loved, one not only through war. It was agreed that the project would be referred to in future as the Comberton Village Memorial.

Miss Westgarth reported that the artist should be appointed next week following the interviews.

8. SMP Youth shelter and basketball arena

The 1/2 basketball court (approx. £8,000) and Meeting Point (youth shelter approx. £6,000) as made by SMP were considered by the meeting. It was agreed to carry this item forward to the next meeting to allow the Recreation Ground Committee time to look at the site and produce a scale drawing.

9. Allotments storage container

Mr Pettit reported that the Allotment and Gardens Association would like to erect a metal storage container on the allotments as outlined in their letter. On a proposition by Mrs Bratt, seconded by Dr Wright approval was given to the siting of the metal storage container and it was agreed to cover the £95 planning application fee on behalf of the Association.

10. History of the village/heritage book

On a proposition by Miss Westgarth, seconded by Dr Wright agreement in principle was given to Miss Westgarth looking into this project further and pursuing possible funding.

11. Urgent matters brought forward with the Chairmanís consent


12. To consider matters arising out of correspondence received since the last meeting

Minor correspondence will be circulated.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.33pm.