Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Old Village Hall
on Wednesday 14 February 2001

Members present:


Mr R Abraham

Mr M Bennett

Mrs R Bratt

Mr R James (Chairman)

Mrs S Hyde

Dr J McCabe

Mrs D Morison

Mr G Saunders

Ms J Wakelin

Mr W Watts

Miss C Westgarth

Dr M Wright

In attendance: District Councillor S Harangozo and Mrs G Stoehr (Clerk)

1. Apologies
from Mr C Pettit (work) were approved
Apologies were also received from County Councillor R Martlew

2. Presentation by Mrs Muirhead Ė Countryside Watch
The Chairman welcomed Mrs Muirhead to the meeting. She explained the aims and benefits of the scheme.

On a proposition by the Ms Wakelin, seconded by Mr James approval was given for the Parish Council to join Countryside Watch to set a good example and to encourage others to join.

On a proposition by the Chairman Mrs Hyde was nominated to be the named person for the scheme.

Members are to write down the names of individuals who could benefit most from membership to the scheme. This list will then be passed to Mrs Muirhead to enable her to make contact.

3. To approve the minutes of the previous meeting
On a proposition by Dr Wright, seconded by Mr James the minutes were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from the meeting including

Multi- Modal A14 Study.
The proposal by Mr James, seconded by Ms Wakelin that the Parish Council submit its preference for Strategy 2, a widening of the existing A14 was carried with 10 votes in favour, 1 vote against and 1 abstention.

To approve the grass cutting and village maintenance quotations for Season 2001
Quotations from Herald Contract Services and Mr C Orme covering each area under consideration had been received.

On a proposition by Dr McCabe, seconded by Ms Wakelin approval was given to contract Mr C Orme for the grass cutting of the village hall and pond area at a cost of £29 per cut with 10 to 12 cuts in the season.

On a proposition by the Chairman, seconded by Mr Abraham, the Clerk was instructed to contact Herald and ask if they would be willing to resubmit a lower quotation than £75 quoted for the grasscutting of the recreation ground perimeter. Approval was given for the Clerk to accept the lower quotation if it was received before the next meeting.

On a proposition by the Chairman, seconded by Mr Abraham approval was given for Herald to be contracted to cut the recreation ground hedge, twice in the season for £80 per trim.

Herald is to be asked to trim the village hall hedge as soon as possible.

5. To receive the financial report and to approve expenditure(appended to these minutes 1)
On a proposition by Dr Wright Bratt, seconded by Mr James the expenditure as listed in the financial report and monthly financial statement was approved unanimously.
On a proposition by Dr Wright , seconded by Ms Wakelin the additional payments to C Orme £235.54 (village maintenance), Wickstead Leisure £29.38 (playground survey) and D Brown £3359.04 (Tree Survey and report) were approved.
A crossed warrant for £5000 was approved. On a proposition by the Chairman approval was given for a separate fund to be set up for the village action plan grant from the District Council.

6. To receive the planning report(reports 1)
The report was received by the meeting.
Additional planning decisions:
S/0260/01/F Applicant: Henry Hague Ltd, Rear of 225 Barton Road, Comberton
Proposed Development: Change of Use of Horticultural Building to B1 use.
Decision: The Parish Council seek more information and want reassurance about traffic issues.

S/0234/01/LB Applicant: Mr and Mrs Wright, 28 West Street, Comberton.
Proposed Development: Extension for conservatory
Decision: Approve in principle with a comment that the design is not appropriate for the house.

7.To receive the reports and consider the recommendations

Village Hall Representative(r2)
Mrs Brattís report was received and considered by the meeting. E-mail had also been received from Mr Waller, Village Hall Chairman regarding the new Lease which is to be put on hold until a new charity is set up.

The New Village Hall Steering Group representatives(r3)
Ms Wakelin presented the report to the meeting.

On a proposition by Mr James, seconded by Dr Wright it was agreed that the names of members supporting the Focus Group Village Hall paper, (presented to the last meeting) be added to the bottom of the paper which would then be submitted as a response by these individuals to the new village hall consultation.

8.To receive and consider

Tree Survey report
The tree survey report had been received from David Brown Landscape Design a copy of which is to be sent to Cornhill Insurance.

The report by Mr Watts, Tree Warden(r4) was considered by the meeting. On a proposition by the Chairman, seconded by Miss Westgarth, a group was set up to check which trees are the responsibility of the Parish Council and following discussion with Cornhill Insurance to report back to the meeting with a proposal for further action. The membership of the group was agreed as Mr Watts, Mrs Morison and Ms Wakelin.

9.To receive reports

County Councillorís
Not present.

District Councillorís
Councillor Harangozo reported on: the County Councilís Structure Plan consultation (agenda item for the next meeting); the Rural White Paper Community Transport grants; Comberton Village College matters including a school travel plan; the proposed landscaping of the Toft recycling facilities; public entertainment licence subsidy; the proposed commencement of kerbside recycling in July; the proposed improvement to street cleansing; and the District Councilís PPG3 Study update on Sustainable Settlements.

An anonymous offer of extra bins which following installation would be emptied by the District Council was gratefully accepted by the meeting.

The Parish Council asked Councillor Harangozo if the District Council would speak to the residents at 82 Swaynes Lane about their parking so that the road opposite could be repaired by the Highways Division.

Concern regarding the continued dangerous parking of the Thames Water vans was expressed. Mr Abraham offered to speak with the drivers to ascertain if a more appropriate solution could be found.

It was noted that the Anglian Water pumping station had recently been flooding.

Focus Group(r5)
The Groupís report on the Parish Paths Partnership and the recent meeting with David Bethell, Assistant Liaison Officer, was received and considered by the meeting. Suggestions for improving the existing paths and the possible creation of new paths were discussed A grant is to be applied for to cover work to the paths in 2001-2002.

On a proposition by the Chairman it was agreed that the Focus Group should bring a recommendation for necessary expenditure to the next meeting for approval. Agenda item.

Village Action Plan(r6)
Mr Bennettís report covering the objectives, the District Councilís grant, preliminary timeline, and the draft questionnaire was considered by the meeting. A meeting of stakeholders has been arranged for 3 march at 7.30pm. Members were invited to attend.

Recreation Ground
A letter had been received from Mrs Hughes regarding the proposed skateboard facility. It was agreed that Mr Abraham should meet with the group and discuss the proposals further and bring a recommendation to the next meeting. Agenda item.

Neighbourhood Watch
Mrs Hyde reported on a recent incident in Green End, recent car thefts and the monitoring of alcohol related incidents. The Parish Council offered its support to elderly residents concerned with their safety.

School Governor(r7)
Mrs Morisonís report was received and considered by the meeting.

10. To consider matters arising out of correspondence received since the last meeting
Minor correspondence for information or for possible inclusion in a future meeting is being circulated between members before the next meeting.

Playgroup fencing
In response to the letter received from Julia Jones, Secretary to the Managers, Comberton Playgroup asking for an increased contribution towards the proposed new fence the proposal by the Chairman that he and Dr Wright meet with the Managers and bring a proposal to the next meeting was carried unopposed.

The Clerk was instructed to reply to the both the letters from Mrs Andrews and Catherine Barnard and John Cary.

The Clerk sought guidance for future agenda order. On a proposition by Ms Wakelin, seconded by Mr James it was agreed that the order should remain as at present with items requiring decision coming first followed by reports for information.

11. Matters brought forward with the Chairmanís consent
The letter and growing concerns of Mrs Hyde regarding the junction of Long Road and Hardwick Road were considered. On a proposition by the Chairman, seconded by Mrs Hyde the Clerk was instructed to write to the County Council asking for measures to be introduced to improve safety at this junction.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 10.12pm.