Minutes of Comberton Annual Parish Meeting
on Monday 25 April 2005 at 7.30pm in the New Village Hall.


Present: 29 parishioners including Parish Council members, Mrs LG Stoehr, Clerk.


Cllr Miss Chris Westgarth presided. The written reports from the meeting are appended in full to these minutes.


1.                  Approval & signing of the minutes of the previous Annual Parish Meeting on 24 May 2004.

The minutes were read by the clerk, approved by the meeting and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

2.                  Matters arising from the minutes


3.                  Report of the Parish Council for the year 2004-2005 from Chris Westgarth, Chairman.

This was presented by Miss Westgarth, the Parish Council Chairman[1]and is appended in full to these minutes.

4.                  Report from Gail Stoehr, Responsible Financial Officer, on the Parish Council's finances including the presentation of audited accounts from year ending 2004.

The RFO presented the audited financial statement of the Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2004[2][3]

5.                  Report by Cllr S. Harangozo on District Council Matters[4]

The report was circulated and taken as read.

6.                  Report by Cllr R. Martlew on County Council Matters

Cllr Martlew was not present at the meeting.

7.         Report on the work and activities of groups and organisations who have either received a grant from the Parish Council or have Parish Council appointees on their charity or organisation.

7.1       Herringland Charity (trustees appointed by the Parish Council)

Not present.

7.2       Old School House (grant)[5]

Clare Crang presented the report.

7.3       Comberton Village Help Scheme (grant)[6]

A report was not available at the meeting and therefore will be appended in full to the minutes.

7.4       St Mary’s Church (grant)

Don Fisher’s report covered the churchyard which it is hoped will be ready for everyone but not too soon!

7.5       Comberton Scouts (grant)

John Gresham reported that the scouts hut is in place and will be ready for use.  There will be a reopening which is yet to be arranged.

7.6       Friends of CVC (grant)

Not present.

7.7       Comberton Village Institute (grant)[7]

Brian Cook provided an update on progress with the new Village Hall.  They hope to start building later this year.


7.8       Comberton Contact (grant)

Peter Wolfers reported that they are currently well placed for finances.

7.9       CCC Library Services (grant)[8]

Appended to the minutes.

            Questions on any of the above reports - none

8.         To consider resolutions of which advance notice has been given.

            None had been received.

9.         Any other Parish Matters

9.1       It was noted that South Street Allotments tenants were pleased with how things have been resolved with the Shepherds.  Thanks were expressed towards to Jane Wakelin and Mike Winney.

9.2       Concerns were expressed over the housing in Barton Road. Residents challenged how the cost of a 3 bed house can be so highly valued. The Parish Council were asked to call a special meeting to discuss the allocation for the further land off Milner Road and future housing within the village.

9.4       The condition of the old Village Shop was raised.  Concern was expressed over rats, squatters etc.  It was agreed to inform the owner.

9.5       It was stated that the roundabout in Barton Road is a hazard.  The Parish Council had already raised its concern regarding parked cars and lack of visibility and would continue to press the County Council for improvements.

9.6       It was noted that there are problems with underage drinking in the village.

9.7       Concern was expressed that it was difficult to walk also on the public right of way between  Swaynes Lane and Barton Road Public. The Chairman on the diversion and that they are still working on this path but confident that in the next few months this will be concluded.

10.              Presentation and open discussion on the proposed Comberton Village Design Statement.

The presentation on the proposed village design statement was well received and was followed by an open discussion to give residents an opportunity to express their views and complete a short questionnaire[9]

11.       Closure of meeting

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.00pm.


Signed                                                     (Chairman)                                         (date)



[1] Parish Council report

[2] Financial report

[3] The audited financial statement of the Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2003

[4] Report by Councillor S Harangozo on District Council matters

[5] Old School House

[6] Comberton Village Help Scheme

[7] Comberton Village Institute

[8] CCC Library Services.

[9] Village Design Statement presentation & questionnaire