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Local Plan changes

SCDC are revising their Long Term Development Framework (LDF) for 2016 onwards. This raised a number of potential sites proposed for development which are within our Village boundary.

The Parish Council set up a working party (including non councillors) to address the important issues these developments would have for our Village if these were considered viable by SCDC.

Two of the options in the consultation also move Comberton from its planning class as a Group Village to higher levels and to increase the number of dwelling/site in all villages classifications... which could mean it would be possible to have new developments of 50 houses at a time.

The Parish Council brought together arguments concerning the various aspects of the new plan as a whole, and in particular the sites above and their potential impact on the life of Comberton for presentation to SCDC.

The working group documents can be seen here; they were ratified at the Comberton Parish Council meeting in September and then passed to SCDC as a formal response on behalf of the village.

In January 2013 SCDC produced another consultation excercise which included another development site in Comberton.

This is being consulted upon until February 2013, The result of the village consultation can be seen here


You can write to SCDC Planning Department and your SCDC councillor, Dr. Stephen Harangozo on SCDC planning issues about these proposals but a formal comments systems was made available by SCDC.




Cambridgeshire County Counci(CC) also consulted on issues for a new transport strategy for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.

Their consultation on the transport strategy took place at the same time as Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Councilconsulted on their Local Plan reviews.

Growth is being planned and they need to explore how best to accommodate this while improving accessibility and reducing congestion. The consultation document below highlights some of the main issues and challenges for transport in the area and seeks views on what approach CC should take in developing a new transport strategy over the coming decades.

For convenience these document details are copied onto this Comberton website... and there were consultation exhibitions locally.

In relationship to transport email to Cambridge County Council and your CC Councillor, Fiona Whelan ,about these proposals but the formal CC comment systems was available here. If you were to send a copy of any comments to the Clerk of the Parish Council it would be much appreciated.

last update 18th February 2013

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