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Local Plan changes

SCDC are revising their Long Term Development Framework (LDF) for 2016 onwards. This raised a number of potential sites proposed for development which are within our Village boundary and issues relating to how SCDC should plan for this future. Comberton Parish Council have responded to this consultation on behalf of the village as a whole.

In response to a request from The Annual Parish Meeting, Comberton Parish Council (CPC) was mandated to prepare material detailing why the village should be protected from large scale development. It set up a working group to do so and asked our SCDC Councillor Stephen Harangozo to support and assist the group.

The working group which was made up of some Councillors but mostly residents from across the village, prepared draft responses which send out for consultation with the village before their adoption and subsequent forwarding to SCDC.

The response from Comberton Parish Council and supportive documents can be seen here:-

Comberton LDF2012 Consultation results


Views at September 2012 CPC meeting

A record 119 members of the public were present at the Parish Council meeting on 12th September 2012 when Comberton Parish Council considered its LDF 2012 Working Group's Draft Response.

  • The members of the Public were asked to indicate by a show of hands whether they supported the view that Comberton should retain Classification as a Group Village.

    Of the 109 people eligible to vote (Comberton Residents) 106 supported the proposition, 3 people were against with no abstentions, i.e. 97% support.

  • Parishioners were also asked whether they supported development on the larger Green Belt sites.

    All 109 people voted against building on those sites i.e. 100% opposition.

Comberton Parish Council then voted to accept the Working Group's Draft Response as its formal submission to the SCDC Consultation.

Individual signatures on leaflet supporting PC views

138 leaflets were returned containing 248 signatures with names and addresses.

The Working Group sought advice from Keith Miles who confirmed in an email on 17/9/12 that, if residents supplied their names and addresses, their responses would be counted as individual responsesby SCDC.

In addition the Working Group received 19 leaflets with 31 signatures but only post code addresses were returned.

In the light of Keith Miles' advice the Working Group felt these might be regarded as a petition in support of the Comberton Parish Council responses, but still requested that they be considered as individual responses.

Summary of Parishioners' emails received by the Working Group

57 emails and letters from 84 individuals were received supporting Comberton Parish Council’s position by 11 am 28th September.
(NB. These emails mostly give a name and address and as such are valid individual responses).

Six emails were received from six individuals supporting some development.

These documents were contained in appendices to the submission
(but only in the paper version sent to SCDC in order to protect individual confidentiality).


The Comberton Residents Leaflet response has been accepted by SCDC and entered into their database.

Since the majority of the respondents' name and address were identified they have been given individual representation ids and captured using the CPC's response narrative. The additional responses were also considered as supporting signatories:-

The result was that CPC's response on behalf of the villag was supported by 301 signatories
of which 267 signatories have been invidually identified and registered.

You can see CPC's ten responses on behalf of the village here in the SCDC Representations list.

You can see SCDC Cllr Harangoza's ten responses here
and those of CC Cllr Whelan here in the same SCDC Representations list.

For the four individual sites a list of individual representations can be seen by clicking on the site below:

Neither SCDC nor CC councillor shows any responses to any of the detailed questions including the four sites in Comberton yet. CPC's are visible in the lists above (plus all the other questions in the consulation).



other supporting documents

Older background material used in the consultation ..... can be seen here


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