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Local Plan changes

SCDC are revising their Long Term Development Framework (LDF) for 2016 onwards. This raised a number of potential sites proposed for development which are within our Village boundary and issues relating to how SCDC should plan for this future. Comberton Parish Council have responded to this consultation on behalf of the village as a whole.

In response to a request from The Annual Parish Meeting, Comberton Parish Council (CPC) was mandated to prepare material detailing why the village should be protected from large scale development. It set up a working group to do so and asked our SCDC Councillor Stephen Harangozo to support and assist the group.

The working group which was made up of some Councillors but mostly residents from across the village, prepared draft responses which send out for consultation with the village before their adoption and subsequent forwarding to SCDC.

The response from Comberton Parish Council and supportive documents can be seen here:-

Older background material.....


Of the original nine sites submitted by developers, four have been included as options in the SCDC plan - 004, 110,158 and 255 .The original SCDC analysis of those submissions from developers to SCDC for the nine Comberton sites is available immediately below and Comberton Parish Council's draft responses to the bottom of this page :-

Two of the other changes in the plan (there are 116 issues raised) also move Comberton from its planning category as a 'Group Village' to higher levels which, together with the second change of a proposal to uplift the number of houses per individual sites for each category, could mean it would be possible for Comberton to have new developments of 50 houses on each site or even more, rather than around the current 8 for its 'Group Village' status.

The working groups response documents are below. In most cases the response also has the original SCDC statements or questions to save people going through the whole of the SCDC document.

For each of the four site options in the SCDC LDF plan the draft responses were as follows:-

  • CPC's commentary on Long Road (south of Branch Road) (Site 004) only updated version to 3 20/8/2012
  • CPC's commentary on west of Birdlines, Manor Farm (Site 110) revised 20/8/2012
  • CPC's commentary on Long Road (south of Branch Road) (Site 158) revised 20/8/2012
  • CPC's commentary on East of Bush Close, Comberton (Site 255) version updated to 3 only 20/8/2012
  • CPC's evidence on Long Road (south of Branch Road) (Sites 004 and 158) revised 20/8/2012
  • CPC's evidence on west of Birdlines, Manor Farm (Site 110) revised 21/8/2012
  • CPC's evidence on East of Bush Close, Comberton (Site 255) revised 20/8/2012

You can write to SCDC Planning Department and your SCDC councillor, Dr. Stephen Harangozo about these proposals but a formal comments systems was available on the SCDC website here (you need an email address to register your input).SCDC also distributed a top ten issues questionnaire to all households and again you could have registered feedback on just those points here.

If you were to send a copy of any comments to the Clerk of the Parish Council or email ldf2012 at comberton dot org dot uk, then it would be much appreciated.

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