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Diamond Jubilee Beacon 2012

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Comberton is an historic rural village in the green belt in South Cambridgeshire, UK - some 4 miles to the south west of Cambridge with over 943 dwellings and population exceeding 2,360 (est.). An attractive blend of old and new, it is well served by local education, sports and community facilities with good transport links.


Last Updated 31 December 2015
PC Meetings


Bennell Farm Potential Development

Pegasus Group representatives attended July 8th Parish Council meeting to get feedback on their proposed planning application for residential develoment incl 90 houses at Bennell Farm.
To see their illustrative plan for 2 - 4 storey dwellings click here

It has been announced that the joint Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire local plan which has been over three years in preparation is going to be resubmitted next March!

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